Why hair removal is out of fashion now

It is very likely that the modern era will save women from having to remove excess vegetation from their bodies. This will put an end to the centuries-old battle of lovely ladies (and to be honest, many men too) with unwanted hair.

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Historically, it is believed that the ancient Egyptians began to remove hair. Moreover, they completely got rid of all the vegetation both on the body and on the head, preferring instead to use wigs. Strange? Yes, but true.

remove hair

In those days, depilation was a real torment - arsenic, quicklime, copper razors and stone tweezers. It’s scary for modern fashionistas to even imagine what their great-great-grandmothers were ready for in order to be considered beautiful. Even not only beautiful, in the Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek empires, women who had no hair on their bodies were equated with goddesses. Only ladies with a high social status could afford such a luxury.

New trends "Don't shave your hair"

In our time, the procedure for getting rid of excess vegetation has lost its intimidating appearance. The terrible stone tweezers were replaced by more gentle methods: electro- and photoepilation, laser hair removal. But, nevertheless, the battle continued and now, it seems times are changing and women have a chance to emerge victorious from the battle.

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Many world-famous brands have taken the side of naturalness. For example, Demna Gvasalia is the creative director of Vetements. With her light hand, unshaven models surprise the world not for the first time. Hairy legs were replaced by the SS19 campaign at the September Fashion Week show, flooding Instagram with images of models with “luxurious” shocks of curly underarm hair.


Further more. Supported the naturalness and meter of the fashion world Calvin Klein, who specially launched the MyCalvins campaign. Ignoring the filters of public expectations, he openly declared the need for natural sexuality and deliberately "substandard" models were chosen to advertise his new line of underwear.

In advertising photos and videos, the world saw not only unshaven armpits, but also stretch marks combined with folds on the stomach, extra pounds ... in general, everything that was previously hidden and considered wrong and, of course, unfashionable.

Supported the initiative of Klein and Vetements and the giant in the production of sportswear - Nike. Annahstasia Enuke (leading model of the brand) appeared in pictures with unshaven at the promo introducing the new line of clothing.

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But, that's all now, and for the first time, the creators of Fifty Shades of Gray (2015) were not afraid to flaunt untouched hair in the intimate area. True, then on the pubis of the "innocent" Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) flaunted a special "shaggy" overlay. It is worth remembering the sensation that Julia Roberts (1999) appeared on the red carpet with unshaven armpits.


Recently, many stars have joined the clan of "adherents of naturalness" - Gwyneth Paltrow, who declares that pubic hair is just super.

Cameron Diaz, who wrote The Body Book, where in a separate chapter you can read the praises of pubic hair - a beautiful curtain, as the author said.

Emma Watson openly advertises oils for pubic hair, thereby calling for care for her. Britney Spears says the same.


Today, without hesitation, they are demonstrated by Madonna and Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus. However, the list of actresses and singers who completely forgot about depilation is growing not only annually, but monthly. Rihanna, for example, has no problem showing cute hair on her legs on social networks. The first ladies of mega states do not remain from the stars, which is only worth the photo of the first lady of America, Michelle Obama.


The trend towards naturalness was "picked up" by "mere mortals". Increasingly, on the same Instagram, you can see photos of dyed hair under the arm. The play of color and creativity of the owners of new hairstyles collects numerous likes.

So, the times of forced disposal of body hair have practically sunk into oblivion. Moreover, from a medical point of view, there is not a single confirmation that such a procedure is actually beneficial for the body.


The era of censure of body hair is coming to an end and the era of naturalness is coming to replace it. An era when it is fashionable and comfortable to be in its natural state, in the body that Mother Nature gave.