Why do we need nose hair

The idea of removing excess vegetation on the body has haunted mankind almost from the very beginning of its origin. She did not bypass the vegetation in the nose. And if not everyone among the representatives of the male half of humanity thinks about the need to get rid of the hairs sticking out of the nostrils, then it is almost impossible to meet a woman with such "beauty".


Why we get rid of nose hair

The answer to the question: "why do both women and men prefer to get rid of nose hair?", like everything elementary, is simple. Who will like the “increased shaggyness” in the very center of the face. Unless unshaven hairy guys working in the Far North, and not meeting anyone but bears.

There are many ways to get rid of them: tweezers and wax strips, a safety razor or a trendy trimmer. But the next question is - is such a procedure safe and is it just that Mother Nature rewarded us with vegetation in the nose?

nose hair

What are they needed for

The fact that the nose is an organ that allows oxygen to enter our body does not need to be told even to small children. But it also suggests that the hairs in it fulfill a very real purpose. So, the latest research by leading medical laboratories has confirmed that this is not only an element of "anti-decor" in our appearance.

In fact, the hair in the nose is a tool that protects our body from the effects of external pathogenic factors for it, and perform several very useful functions:

  1. Preventing the passage of fine particles of dust and dirt into the respiratory organs. This is important, as they can provoke damage and irritation of the mucosa.
  2. Prevention of entry into the internal respiratory tract of harmful viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. The relevance of this function increases tenfold during epidemics, when no one is safe from contacts with people who are already infected, but who do not yet know about it.
  3. Reduction of the influence of toxins, prevention of poisoning. Some medical researchers even say that people who carefully store the vegetation in their nose are three times less likely to get sick with bronchial asthma.
  4. In cold weather, the friction of cilia (the so-called short hairs growing in the nose) and long hairs helps to heat the cold air coming from the street. This, accordingly, protects the mucous membrane from hypothermia. As well as their ability to retain excess moisture coming from outside.

It is easy enough to explain such possibilities of nose hair. The main thing is to directly understand their anatomy.

nose with or without vegetation, which is better

What are nose hairs and what are they for?

Two types of hair grow in the nose. Long - they spoil our appearance and short - the so-called "cilia", they are not visible from the outside, as they hide behind long hairs, which by and large serve precisely to protect them.

The cilia are located closer to each other and are constantly in motion. They are designed to prevent harmful particles from entering the body, even if they are the smallest molecules. They envelop all foreign components with a special mucus, and it is she who traps all foreign particles.

Further, this mucus with pathogenic microorganisms and mud particles is removed from the body in a natural way. This happens during a sneeze or when a person is cleaning their nasal passages.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that when the outer long hairs are removed, the cilia receive an increased load. This, in turn, can even provoke the occurrence of all kinds of allergies. In addition, nasal hair removal can cause:

  • Frequent inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • Inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses.

So, to remove or not to remove, that is the question. On one side of the scale - health, on the other - an attractive appearance. Or maybe try to find a middle ground and just cut off the “shaggy” sticking out of the nostrils a little? so we, most likely, will be able to maintain both health and beauty.

nose hair fashion


Although, who knows, there are a lot of new trends emerging lately. Perhaps in the near future, along with the fashion for unshaven armpits, legs and pubes, the fashion for nose hair that has already declared itself will come into force?