Which finger to emphasize when choosing a manicure design

Nail accents are a great way to add variety to your everyday manicure. You can get creative without looking outrageous, because such a manicure will most often use one or two nails for emphasis.

It can иу simple and difficult to perform nail-art, the possibilities are endless and depend only on the flight of your imagination. But which finger to choose for the accent? And is it worth being limited to only one nail? Today we will talk about the nuances of this trend in manicure. akcenti v manıcure, akcenti na nogtyah, manicur s akcentom There are many benefits to this trend. For example, for people who work in very conservative positions, this is a great way to add some variety to your classic manicure and join the world of nail art without violating the working dress code. No finger can match the popularity of the ring finger when it comes to nail accents. 90% of girls in our country prefer the emphasis on this nail. I have several theories as to why this finger is so famous : 1) This finger is not very mobile. You very rarely use this finger on its own, compared to your thumb or index finger, for example. Accordingly, it receives less "wear". As a result, if you follow the logic, the design on this finger will last the longest.

2) The second theory is more romantic: girls may be subconsciously trying to draw attention to this finger. “Look, this finger is different from the others, and by the way, it’s so lonely, because it doesn’t have a ring at all!” :)) Or vice versa, married and engaged girls emphasize their social status with such a manicure. akcenti v manicure, akcent on nails, akcentirovanie nails

3) One of the options for the appearance of a nail accentuation trend is banal negligence during a manicure. And in order not to repaint the failed nail, the lady decided to embellish it additionally. And off we go)

4) This is a very aesthetically pleasing nail. The index finger is already too involved, the thumbnail is almost invisible, the little finger is too small, and the shape of the middle finger is most often slightly deformed due to active spelling. Therefore, I think that aesthetically this nail looks the most correct .

akcenti v manikure, akcenti na nogtyah, akcent na bezimyannom palce

In particular, I would like to note one of the interesting facts about the appearance of accented manicure. Some spiritualized personalities, admirers of Feng Shui believe that a manicure done correctly, according to all the canons of this teaching, can attract favorable energy and success in business. Based on this teaching, the right hand is fundamental, because it gives energy, and the left hand receives it. Simply put, the meaning comes down to the fact that everything that you give away will return to you in even greater quantities . If you highlight a finger with the right color on your hand, you will give away a certain energy, which will return a hundredfold.

fen shuy manicure, akcenti po fen shuy, akcenti na nogtyah

The right combination of manicure colors will help enhance interaction with the energy of the earth and realize your plan. I don’t know about you, but I like this option the most, a small slice of magic in seemingly such simple things. But let's get back to earth!) The recent New York Fashion Week brought a new trend to the "accented manicure". The designer of the brand "Tibi" Jin Soon suggests making a bright accent only on the index finger, covering all the rest with just a transparent base:

"We don't want to put bright colors on every nail because it would be too predictable and detract from the clothes, so we decided to focus on just one finger."

akcent na ukazatelnom palce, novie trendy manicuraakcent na ukazatelnom palce, novie trendy manicura

The emphasis on the index finger is ideal for bold natures who love active gestures. And the accented middle finger can give away your rebellious nature a little (especially if you like to show it often :). Also, symmetry is gaining more and more momentum when two fingers are painted on each side, outside or inside. akcent na dvuh nogtyah, manicur, akcenti v manicure

Of course, the choice of accent nail is a matter of personal preference. You don't have to follow any nail trend - you just have to enjoy your manicure. After all, that's the beauty of it.