Wajazzling - add sparkle to your bikini line

If you are used to looking brilliant always and everywhere, then my today's article is for you! Indeed, thanks to vajazzling, you will shine even in the most piquant places. Intrigued? Then read on! :)

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In order to better understand the essence of wajazzling, let's go back a few decades.

The Origins of Wajazzling

The art of decorating clothes and accessories ( "bedazzling" ) began in the 1970s with the creation of a tool, the bedazzler, which attached decorative stones and crystals to shoes, hats, t-shirts... well, basically everything. :) instrument bedazzler

A little later, decorative thermal transfers began to appear on free sale, with which you could quickly decorate your clothes with cute rhinestone patterns. It looked like this: applikacii dlya odezhdi

It took quite a bit of time before one creative girl (unfortunately her name is not known) guessed that rhinestone appliqués look good not only on clothes, but also on the body. And especially cute - in intimate areas. This is how the term vajazzling / ("vagina" + "bedazzling") appeared.

vajazzling, vidy vajazzlinga

But this beauty trend gained real fame and publicity thanks to the American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who, without a shadow of hesitation, spoke on one of the popular TV shows about how wajazzling helped her survive a difficult breakup. Hoping that this would cheer her up, she decided to use the services of a beautician and get a fake tan. When the master also suggested vajazzling with Swarovski crystals to her, Jennifer was initially not enthusiastic about the idea.


“The absence of a young man at that time, plus my fear of lying sober and naked in front of a woman who adorns my “little lady” with crystals, made me doubt. But I gave up, deciding that it could actually look beautiful."

And the result met all her expectations:

“The once pale, sad girl who couldn’t figure out how to move on from a breakup has turned into a bronzed, sexy goddess and the most beautiful ‘lady’ in my area,” she writes.

For this reason, Jennifer Love Hewitt has become one of the biggest fans of bikini topping, and recommends wajazzing for those who are down or just want to have a “sparkly spicy secret” in their lingerie. According to her, this is the surest way to get back your self-confidence. vajazzling, vidy vajazzlinga, ukrashenie dlya lobka

How does the vajazzling procedure work:

  1. First you choose the desired design.
  2. After that, the master carefully removes all hairs using wax depilation, and your skin is prepared for the next step.
  3. Then the application is glued by the master manually - these can be individual crystals, or a ready-made translation of rhinestones, the price of which, of course, is much lower. Most often, such kits already have an adhesive structure and it is enough just to fix it in the desired area with a strong pressure. If we are talking about individual crystals, then ordinary cosmetic glue is used for its application, the same as for eyelashes, for example.

depilyaciya bikini, vajazzling, kristally dlya bikini

The procedure is absolutely painless and fast. How long the effect lasts depends on how active your activity is and whether you prefer too tight underwear. Stones will fall off over time or as hairs grow back.

Do not ask the master to apply the drawing to you too low in the pubic area, otherwise such an application will not last long.

Pejazzling (Pejazzling)

By the way, men do not feel deprived either. With "Pejazzling" - the male version of bikini zone wajazzling - now they have something to surprise us :) Although the practice is still in its initial state, there are already several sites where you can buy men's pejazzling sets, including applications imitating barbed wire, tiger head and diamonds. But the most popular application is hot red lips!! :)

pejazzling, vajazzling dlya muzhchin

Among Internet users, opinions about this procedure are radically different. Some consider wajazzling quite interesting and cute decoration, and some consider it a waste of money. In my practice, one girl was so delighted with vajazzling that she even asked doctors to allow her to do the procedure immediately before childbirth, so that the baby would be “enchantingly” born. It's probably overkill though :)

vajazzling, ukrasheniya bikini, ukrasheniya dlya lobka

My conclusion: even though I myself do this procedure for my clients, I cannot say that I am delighted with this idea in the long run. Indeed, in practice, there may be some discomfort from constant applications “there”. You need to let your skin breathe. But as a "raising morale", as well as to add variety and surprise your partner, this procedure will be most welcome, and will definitely add brilliance to your life! :)