Twiggy doll eyelashes

The cyclical nature of fashion trends is known to all. And, Twiggy style doll eyelashes are no exception. It was they who radically changed the idea of a beautiful appearance in the 60s of the last century. They returned to us in the 2020 season.

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History of Twiggy's eyelashes

The legendary top model Twiggy, who walked the world catwalks in the middle of the last century with her head held high, made a certain puppet look extraordinarily fashionable. By the way, he fell in love with teenagers, and mature women, and women of the older generation.

The famous almost weightless "reed" with wide eyes, porcelain skin and delicate sensual lips became the ideal of the fashion industry of that time. Her anorexic thinness, combined with a boyish haircut, became the prototype of "cocaine chic." It was Twiggy, not Kate Moss, who, contrary to popular belief, first brought this look to the catwalks.

resnicy v stile Tviggi, nakladnye resnicy neobychnye resnicy, kukol'nyj obraz, kukol'nye resnicy


Now this retro makeup is back at the height of fashion. Long and lush eyelashes, divided into separate bundles, fashion connoisseurs have already noticed at the Prada show (winter, spring 2020). And almost immediately they turned into an obvious beauty trend.

He was confidently supported by the Dior fashion house, which has been leading the way in introducing new (and not so new) trends into fashion for more than a century.

The great make-up guru Pat McGart did not miss the opportunity to create cool, artistic, interesting for many cult eyelashes with his golden hands.

How to make your eyelashes doll

Making doll eyelashes is not difficult at all, the main thing is to get used to the basic rules for applying mascara and buy a special mascara that provides a “doll effect”. The choice of mascara, by the way, is completely simple, as the world's leading cosmetic brands take into account the fashion trend, offering their products to lovely ladies. So, what kind of mascara is suitable for creating doll makeup. There are several options to choose from:

  • Troublemaker - Urban Decay;
  • Lolita Lashes - Misslyn;
  • Excess - Nars;
  • Vamp! - Pupa Milano;
  • Wonderflower Magic - Kiko Milano.

In addition to the mascara that creates the effect of false eyelashes, special eyelash curlers will also come in handy. By the way, they should be used only by owners of hopelessly straight cilia. Those women whose eyelashes delight with a natural curve can do without forceps.

resnicy v stile Tviggi, nakladnye resnicy neobychnye resnicy, kukol'nyj obraz, kukol'nye resnicy


Stages of creating doll eyelashes

The main thing that will be needed to create the perfect puppet look is sleight of hand, as it is necessary to paint over each eyelash from the very roots. This helps not only visually lengthen the eyelashes, but also significantly increase their volume.

Next comes the application of two or three layers of mascara. By the way, several layers can help achieve the desired effect, even if cheap, non-branded mascara is used.

resnicy v stile Tviggi, nakladnye resnicy neobychnye resnicy, kukol'nyj obraz, kukol'nye resnicy


Helpful advice! If you don't want to see your mascara flake off, apply waterproof mascara over your regular mascara.

Also, to create Twiggy doll eyelashes, the fashion for which in 2020 changed the fashion to natural natural eyelashes, bunches of false eyelashes are suitable.

Additional elements of the image

Do not forget that in order for the image of the legendary Twiggy to be conveyed most accurately, doll eyelashes are not enough. Here you will need an impeccable skin tone that gives off an inner glow, and voluminous lips with a “puffed out” effect.

Making Porcelain Skin

Small skin imperfections can be masked with foundation and concealer. It is advisable to pre-moisturize the skin before applying them. As for the porcelain effect, the highlighter will come to the rescue here.

Another important tip - in no case do not mask freckles with concealer. Remember - they were one of Twiggy's main calling cards. This tool is only suitable for masking problem areas on the face - redness, dark circles under the eyes or pimples. At the same time, the concealer is applied to the skin not with a sponge or brush, but with light patting movements of the fingertips.

By the way, some women prefer to mask minor skin defects with a light, light powder. Visual reliefs on the cheekbones are achieved by applying peach shades of blush on them.

Making pouty lips

In order to qualitatively imitate Twiggy, it is not enough to walk with constantly pouted lips, by analogy with the expression on the face of an offended and capricious child.

twiggy eyelashes

Again, sticking to the image of a teenager, you should use lipstick in neutral skin tones. Owners of naturally thin lips will need another life-hack. Let's describe it sequentially:

  1. Pick up a lip liner to match your lip gloss.
  2. Emphasize lips with it along a natural contour.
  3. Apply glitter over the outline.

This method of application will not only add volume to thin lips, but also prolong the life of the “lip makeup”. By the way, menthol extract, which is part of many lip glosses, will also help to make lips plumper. It increases blood flow to the lips, and excess blood, respectively, adds volume to the lips, creating a seductive effect. When using products with menthol on the lips, a slight burning sensation may appear. There is no need to worry here. This is quite normal.

Well, that's all the recommendations, but how do you personally make up in the style of a Twiggy doll or do you prefer unusual eyelashes made in other styles? Are you ready to experience this look for yourself?