Thread depilation

Men and women have been removing unwanted hair for centuries. In the modern world, when people hear the word "depilation", they mostly imagine shaving, waxing, creaming, or sugaring.

But today I want to introduce you to another, safer, non-toxic type of depilation, which originates in ancient cultures, but returns to its former popularity today. So, let's talk about thread depilation. depilyaciya volos, depilyaciya nitkoy, visshipivanie nitkoy, depilyaciya

It is believed that the tradition of threading came to us from Indian and Persian cultures, but its origins go far back in history. In Iran, such depilation has become almost a solemn ritual for special occasions such as weddings. And in Persia, depilation of the eyebrows with a thread was a sign that a young girl was becoming a woman. It is difficult to determine the actual country of origin of threading, as many of the traditions of these cultures mixed early in history. The basis of cultural exchange in most of the East was trade routes, along which not only goods but also customs migrated. depilaciya nitkoy, vostochnaya depilaciya

There is an ancient legend about threading: in the Sui Dynasty, a girl's family wanted to save their daughter from being sent to the palace as a servant. They completely waxed her face and then put on a lot of makeup. No one recognized her, and after some time she was safely delivered to her fiancé's house and became a beautiful bride. depilyaciya nitkoy, visshipivanie nitkoy

Thread plucking is a quick and painless hair removal solution with a long lasting effect. This procedure allows you to pull out the hairs from the root, it is thanks to this that the effect lasts for a long time. This method is very hygienic and environmentally friendly. The master uses only clean, new threads, and the old material is removed immediately after processing. Often, medical indications and the presence of allergies push people to this method of depilation. Most dermatologists advise people with acne to use this hair removal method. depilyaciya gubi, depilyaciya nitkoy

What parts of the body can be treated?

  • Brows
  • Whiskers
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Fingers

Advantages of thread depilation:

  1. It's very hygienic. Only the thread touches your skin and it will be thrown away after use. Thus, you do not have to worry about the quality of disinfection of instruments.
  2. Great for people with "problem" eyebrows. Depilation with a thread removes even barely noticeable small hairs, and repeated depilation can be carried out much earlier than, for example, when plucking with tweezers or waxing.
  3. Temporary results can become permanent. This depilation lifts the hair from the follicle, so if done on a regular basis, it weakens the hair follicle and hair growth slows down, and over time, new hairs will be thinner and less frequent.
  4. Very fast procedure. Of course, each specialist is individual, but most often, depilation with a thread of one zone takes only a few minutes.
  5. Ideal for men. This depilation preserves the natural look of male eyebrows, and whether the client wants to separate unibrows or simply thin out thick ones, plucking with a thread will make a beautiful line without an overly sugary end effect.
  6. No redness or swelling. Most people have sensitive skin and there is a risk of allergic reactions. Thread plucking does not use any chemicals or products, and this can prevent the possibility of irritation.
Sometimes the master cleanses the skin or applies powder before the hair removal procedure - in this case it is better to warn about any allergies.

depilyaciya, depilyaciya nitkoy

Disadvantages of plucking thread:

  1. With a poor-quality procedure, the hair can break. If the hair breaks above or below the skin, then such hairs will grow much faster.
  2. Difficulties in finding a master. Thread depilation is a real art that is most often passed down through generations, and not something that can be learned just by going to a cosmetology school. Living in a big city, it is quite difficult to find a salon or spa that provides this service.
  3. You need a certain length of hair. In order for the thread to wrap the hair qualitatively, it must be at least 1.5 mm in length.
  4. Limited procedure area. Thread depilation is usually not performed on the body, only on the face. Theoretically, the thread can remove hair on other parts of the body, but it can only be done qualitatively on flat surfaces, so this method is not suitable for removing hair on the bikini line or on the knees. Basically, depilation with a thread is carried out to correct the shape of the eyebrows, remove hair on the sides of the face, upper lip, and chin in women.

In the following video, you can clearly see how the eyebrow depilation procedure goes with a thread :

I hope my information was useful to you, and among the variety of types of depilation, you can easily choose the right one for you. Finally, I want to add: on the eve of the summer season, do not forget that although the hair removal procedure with a thread is very gentle, however, after it is carried out, the skin becomes more sensitive for a while. Therefore, I advise you to wait at least 24 hours before running out to sunbathe.