The attitude of manicure masters to the holidays

I confess my love to you while the vibes of Valentine's day are still in the air. Not because I didn’t have time to do it on February 14, but just the opposite. Because all year round I do not get tired of proving my love to you, my dear clients. After all, the masters of beauty know a lot about this.


Let me explain to you how the festive series goes in the life of the “fairies of cosmetic procedures”.

Manicure for February 14

It all starts with "shots of cupids", whose arrows hit the most forgotten parts of the body the day before for the Lovers. The female half wakes up from the January hibernation, languidly signing up for the first depilation of the season, intimate haircuts and mandatory manicures.

Surprisingly, men are not asleep either - they have time to think about their appearance before a romantic event. And as a gift to their chosen ones, sometimes they insistently demand to provide the lady with the whole range of services:

- My girlfriend urgently needs a full manicure and pedicure! - Young man, it's already the end of the working day, there is a big influx today, the master is very tired, and after 22:00 the rate is double. Can we reschedule for tomorrow? - Not! Today! I pay any money!

Of course, love does not wait. Especially on Valentine's Day.

March 8!

Then a wave of activity covers everyone who is preparing to receive congratulations on International Women's Day. As a result, all female clients must have time to bring the marafet in three weeks between February 14 and March 8. Manicure - top request . For three weeks I have completely lost the feeling that I was sleeping. But spring is coming - spring way! manicure-on-holidays

My colleague from Donetsk witnessed when even during bomb explosions on the street, the girl flatly refused to go to the bomb shelter and demanded that the master continue to do manicure, since she has a date in the evening and there are no force majeure to transfer it.

So beauty will save the world. I know it for sure.

Work! May!

Women also want to celebrate Easter with well-groomed hands and smooth legs. In addition, the wedding season begins, which fills up the working hours at the end of the week.

The higher the temperature outside, the higher the demand for depilation and pedicure. Therefore, the masters spend the May holidays as expected - in labor. Fortunately, the days are already long, and clients have much more chances to meet with us in the "from dawn to dusk" mode. )))))))))

Summer is a hot time for manicure masters

This is where the graduation boom comes in. Manicure-pedicure-depilation in non-stop mode. At the same time, a folk holiday called "the opening of the first vacation season" begins. Wax kilograms, varnishes liters, work for days on end. "The opening of the second holiday season" comes almost immediately after the first. And then immediately opens the third.


In between, customers celebrate the closings of these seasons, and in August everyone is preparing for September 1st. And do not forget that the most popular month for weddings is also August. In this summer marathon, a master who has more than one day off is considered lucky. Nothing - we'll have a rest in January!

October is the new year!

Vacation activity subsides a little - and Teacher's Day comes, on which you can’t do without a manicure either. By the way, if by this time you forgot to sign up for a New Year's Eve meeting with a beauty fairy, then you still have a chance to improve.


Further, we can almost freely manage the time to prepare for your personal celebrations and special days. We can even respond to the cry of the soul of your boyfriend, who will call you late in the evening, begging you to get a manicure right now, because you said that you would not go anywhere with such hands. Ten previous companies have refused, and we are the last ones on his list.

New Year's run

And then comes "a month before the new year." To be honest, I hate New Years. Because I don't have the energy for it. But I love my job. When, after a 16-hour working day, you go home, not feeling your arms and legs from fatigue, replenish supplies of materials in your work bags, process tools and hope to get at least 4-5 hours of sleep, suddenly a bell rings, and one of the regular customers sings pleadingly in phone, this magical one: “ Well, please, please, please! ... ” And then strength appears from somewhere, and we rush to you to save the world with beauty.



Yes, of course, there are also holiday bonuses. You give us chocolates and generous tips. But the most expensive! – when you admire yourself after our meeting.

I think you are convinced that for the sake of your beauty we are ready for anything. Well, almost everything.Call us and we'll come! Let's take care of the body and create a holiday in the soul!