Space on nails

We all dream of going to space. But you and I have the opportunity to join the universe in a simpler way - after all, the “space” manicure has successfully burst into fashion. Futuristic, trendy, dazzling, yet elegant enough to wear to work - the space on the nails is too enticing for the eyes and will be the perfect addition to any of your outfits.

kosmos na nogtyah, kosmicheskiy manicur

Excited about the idea, but don't really understand how to paint space with nail polish yourself? Do not be afraid, thanks to my today's article, you will understand that it is not quite quick and easy, but you are quite capable of embodying the perfect space nail design.

Space on nails step by step:

1) Prepare the necessary materials. You will need: base coat for nails; finish coating; dark, medium and light blue varnish; black and white varnish; glitter for nails; dotting tool (or toothpick); tweezers; sponge pieces.

etapy naneseniya kosmosa na nogti

2) Apply base coat on nails.

3) Paint on two coats of dark blue polish as the base color.


4) Take a small piece of sponge and hold it with tweezers. Lightly dip the sponge into white polish (don't overdo it - the less the better!) and gently press the sponge onto the nail where you want to see the universe in the end :) Usually this is done diagonally on each nail, but this is up to you preferences.

etapy naneseniya kosmosa na nogti4

5) Walk a small piece of sponge with black polish along the edges of the nails.

6) Apply a mid-tone blue lacquer to the edges of the galaxy, mixing it with white and navy blue.

etapy naneseniya kosmosa na nogti6

7) Leave a light smudge of light blue polish in the center of your space and blend gently. You may need to add an extra medium blue shade if you suddenly go too light with a light one. Mix until you are satisfied with your astrological abilities. :)

8) Highlight some parts of your drawing with light strokes of white varnish.

9) Wait until the varnish is completely dry, and then paint over with glitter varnish.

10) Use a dotting tool or a toothpick to create a star cascade effect on your nails. Make sure it's different sizes!

etapy naneseniya kosmosa na nogti10

11) Using nail polish remover, clean the cuticles and the skin around the nails from excess of your art :) . Pay enough attention to this, because even despite the creativity and abstractness of this manicure, the nails should still look well-groomed and tidy.

kosmos na nogtyah

12) Fix the coating with a top coat. Ready!

kosmos na nogtyah

If you are doing a "space manicure with gel polish", then do not forget to dry each layer well in an ultraviolet lamp.

Next, I will tell you what types of "space" manicure are and how to achieve this or that effect. Milky Way The most popular style in applying space on nails. First, apply shades ranging from black to sapphire on your nails, and then splatter the 'stars' of varying sizes for a three-dimensional effect.

kosmos na nogtyah, kosmicheskiy manicur

Planetary Vortex This cosmic marble design is reminiscent of the turbulent currents of planetary winds. Pair navy blue, emerald green and silver and layer on colors for the ultimate effect. kosmos na nogtyah, kosmos gel lakom

Space Explosion Bright explosions of gases in the nebula create incredible color palettes. Use a black base and sponge with peach, coral, mint, and turquoise, and then paint in crisp white dots of the stars. Top off your manicure with glossy nail polish for a stellar shine.

kosmicheskiy manicur, kosmos na nogtyah, manicur kosmos

Stardust There are billions of colors in the universe, so experiment with the whole spectrum! Mix glitter, various shades of burgundy, bronze and yellow for a space dust effect. Concentrate color in specific areas to simulate interstellar gases in the night sky.

manicur kosmos, kosmos na nogtyah gel lakom

Now it is not necessary to wait for the fall of a star to make a wish. You can just look at your beautiful nails! :)