"Smart nails" or nano-technologies in the field of beauty

Modern technologies don't stand still, bringing women's manicure to a whole new level. Today we are considering Smart Nails from the Chinese company Jakcom , which created an innovative product - Smart Nails.

I will try to understand the essence of this technology is and how it makes everyday life easier.

Ногти со встроенными чипами

What is "smart nails"?

Smart nails are a striking combination of technology and style. This is a thin plate with a thin multifunctional chip embedded inside it, which is attached to the surface of the nail. Depending on the model, the thickness of such chips ranges from 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm. At the moment, the collection of smart nails is presented in three variations. Each of them has its own unique characteristics. Let's take a closer look at what their features are.

n2m-chipЧипы на ногтях, умные ногти

Chip types?

Model N2M can contain all the information of your "smart card" . You can use this chip as your personal access key, opening any doors with electronic locks just by leaning your fingernail against the reader. Also in such a chip you can put information about club and discount cards, shopping cards and personal identification cards.

At the same time, the degree of protection against leakage of personal information becomes very high, whereas you carry all the data “on yourself”.

Магнитный ключ на ногтяхkreditnaya-karta-na-nogteoplatit-tovary-rukoj

The N2F chip version can be synchronized with your mobile device for a wide range of functions via a special built-in NFC chip. With one small gesture, you can control the screen unlock or instant access to apps. Depending on the wishes during programming, almost any function of your smartphone is activated using this chip.

разблокировать телефон пальцемsignal-ot-nogtejrazblokirovat-telefon-nogtem


It's easy to manage such a chip, just install a mobile application on your smartphone.

The N2L model contains a very thin (0.1 mm), but very visually impressive chip. This "smart nail" is equipped with a micro LED light and flashes a sign as soon as you are near a high frequency signal. No more guessing whether your plastic card has worked - in case of a successful operation, your nail will simply wink with a playful spark;)

чип на ногтяхchipovanye-nogtikarty-dlya-oplaty-v-nogte

What other benefits do "smart nails" have?

The definite advantage of smart nails is the ease of installation and use. It only takes two steps to install the chip, which is compatible with all types and designs of nails. Glue the chip in a certain way on a plastic nail tip (which is used as false nails), and then stick the tips to your own nail. Thin and soft, the chip fits perfectly on the nail plate. A manicure master will easily help to give such nails the desired color. You can see a detailed scheme of how to install a smart nail in the video on YouTube.

But the magic doesn't end there. Such "smart nails" have a high degree of water resistance, as well as the possibility of reuse without recharging. They are made from completely safe, non-toxic materials. And the manufacturer, being confident in the quality of their product, provides a 1-year warranty on it.

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"Smart nails" - beauty and technology have never been so close!