Shaved stripes on the eyebrows, meaning and technique

Constantly repeating coils of fashion trends over and over again return to us the trends of past years. Returning piercings, artistic tattoos, asymmetrical haircuts - all this has already happened and is now returning again. In the same way, the fashion for shaved stripes on the eyebrows is returning.

vybritye brovi, poloska na brovjah, vybritye poloski, brovi s vybritymi poloskami, depiljacija brovej Although, many bright personalities are known who did not rearrange “create” shaved lines on their eyebrows. These without a doubt include David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jason Momoa. Their eyebrows are almost always adorned with one or more shaved stripes.

So what does the fashion trend for shaved eyebrows testify to and how, using simple devices, to transform your eyebrows? how to shave eyebrows and is it worth it?

The meaning of the stripes shaved on the eyebrows

A neat shaved strip on the eyebrows has long been a kind of hallmark of many subcultures. A large number of guys with shaved stripes on their eyebrows belonged to rappers, or could be involved in well-known boy bands.

The value of eyebrows in appearance

The way the people around us visually perceive is influenced by all the elements on our face without exception - eyes, nose, lips. And eyebrows are no exception. vybritye brovi, brovi s vybritoj poloskoj, chastichno vybritye brovi, poloska na brovjah

Moreover, they are of great importance and their irregular shape or incorrect coloring can irreparably spoil even the sweetest face. So, a frivolous attitude to such a detail as eyebrows is simply unacceptable.

Despite the fact that the eyebrows do not take up much space on the face, their shape can significantly alter the appearance. Eg:

  • Round eyebrows lighten the face, making them more pleasant;
  • Pointed - give the appearance of severe impregnability.

Even a small eyebrow correction gives a result, what can we say about such a significant intervention in appearance as shaving off part of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow Shaving Technique

Even before you start the shaving procedure, you need to accurately imagine what the result should be in the end. Do not forget that when part of the eyebrow is already shaved, it will not be possible to change anything, and you will have to wait until the eyebrows grow back. This time directly depends on the phases of eyebrow growth. On average, it takes from 60 to 90 days to fully restore the bristles on the eyebrows. vybritye brovi, brovi s vybritoj poloskoj, chastichno vybritye brovi, poloska na brovjah

The main recommendation for women who want to shave off part of the eyebrow of women will definitely be to be careful with the width of the shaved strip. Too thick, it will look too brutal for a woman, this is a more masculine version. But, here, too, as they say, it’s a matter of personal preference, because there are many lovely ladies whose brutality is not even dreamed of by some men.

Procedure sequence

Having prepared everything necessary for the procedure, it is necessary to carefully remove all makeup on the face. Next, you need to wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing lotion. This will help cleanse and degrease your face.

For skin prone to edema and inflammation, treatment with ice cubes is ideal. In some cases, a cold compress is more suitable.

Before starting to shave off part of the eyebrow, it is necessary to outline the boundaries of the churn. It is best to do this with an ordinary cosmetic pencil. With the help of a pencil, you can also outline several options for shaving and, after looking closely, choose the most suitable one from them. The shape and size of the future strip on the eyebrow must be carefully scrolled in the head. Moreover, it is advisable to do this several times, since after the eyebrow is shaved, it will be too late to change something. vybritye brovi, brovi s vybritoj poloskoj, chastichno vybritye brovi, poloska na brovjah

Having already outlined the shape and size of the future strip, they first correct the shape of the eyebrow arches themselves, the most important thing here is to correctly determine the shape of the eyebrows. Then, with the help of tweezers, excess hairs are removed. Then, using the same tweezers, the strip itself is plucked on the eyebrows. You can, of course, use a safety razor for shaving, which must be held at a certain angle during shaving.

Movements while shaving should be slow and careful. Hair in the intended area should be shaved little by little. In case cuts cannot be avoided, all that alcohol-containing lotion or hydrogen peroxide will do. Unpleasant feelings during eyebrow shaving procedures can be removed by including shaving foam in the procedure.

Some people prefer to shave part of their eyebrows with a straight razor, but this, of course, requires some experience and skill. The razor must be well sharpened. vybritye brovi, brovi s vybritoj poloskoj, chastichno vybritye brovi, poloska na brovjah

For those who would not agree to use cutting tools to shave their eyebrows for any money, one of the following two options may be suitable:

  1. Electric shaver with trimmer attachment. With its help, the procedure can be performed not only quickly, but also accurately. In this case, the risk of cutting yourself on a sharp blade is completely eliminated.
  2. Wax strips purchased at a cosmetic store. There are strips specifically designed specifically for shaving part of the eyebrow. They can significantly reduce the time of the procedure and increase its efficiency.

By the way, it is wax strips that are one of the favorite ways for eyebrow depilation. They quickly perform the procedure and please with a high-quality result for several weeks. Despite the fact that the cost of wax strips is slightly higher than that of a conventional disposable razor, it is more profitable to use them precisely because of the long-term effect and complete safety. Thread depilation is also safe, but hardly anyone wants to spend on this procedure.

So, we realized that in addition to the desire to stand out from the crowd, shaved stripes on the eyebrows do not have a special meaning. This is just another stage in the long-suffering history of eyebrows. Are you ready to “decorate” your eyebrows with small “bald spots” or do you think that it is best to leave your eyebrows in their original form.