Piercing Jewelry

The decision to make a piercing is directly related to the need to select the optimal jewelry for it. We offer you a selection of recommendations on what kind of piercing jewelry to use on different parts of the body.

pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah The history of piercing goes back far into the past. Then, in many tribes, metal jewelry on the body was not only a sign of beauty, but also symbolized a prosperous financial situation. Male piercing spoke of certain professions, most often associated with religious service. In the last 20 years, piercing has gained a second wind and become very popular. So here are our recommendations.

Eyebrow piercing

For those who pierce this area for the first time, it is best to use micro-bananas or micro-rods. On the practical side, they are completely identical and differ only in appearance. It is not recommended to use jewelry, the length of which, until the wound is completely healed, exceeds a centimeter. This will help not damage the tissue and not stretch the eyebrow. Do not forget that it is absolutely impossible to remove the rings after a puncture. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Ear piercing

Ears are one of the most loyal areas for piercing. Those who pierce their ears for the first time are allowed to put almost any model of earring or tunnel. The only condition that must be observed is that the decoration should not weigh down the ear. They look good in the ears and quickly take root bananas, originally intended for piercing the navel. If it is necessary to pierce the tragus or the internal cartilage of the ear, beauty salon specialists use small (up to a centimeter) micro-hoses. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Nose piercing

The nose area is considered one of the most difficult to heal. Therefore, small carnations or micro-labettes are ideal for it. If it is necessary to pierce the nasal septum, a barbell earring is used. A small decoration with a decorative pebble is also suitable. After the final healing of the wound in the nose, you can put a jewelry in the form of a ring or a horseshoe. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing has several nuances. If the bridle is too long, a preliminary incision is made in it, this will allow you to put on the jewelry later. To decorate the tongue, in most cases, jewelry in the form of micro-bananas or micro-rods is chosen. Experts recommend putting on rings already when the puncture is already completely healed. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Breast piercing

Here, as well as in other other places, for the first time it is best to use rings or rods of small sizes for a puncture. The difference is that for the first puncture in the chest area, the thickness or length of the earring does not matter. The healing period directly depends on the quality of puncture care and averages about 2 months.

Given that healing channels always narrow, experts advise using only one piece of jewelry. Otherwise, there may be a violation of the flow of oxygen, which will prevent rapid healing. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Piercing in the navel area

Almost any jewelry that is used for piercing is also suitable as decoration for this zone. Here, the punctures heal quickly, however, it is still not recommended to use jewelry with sharp edges on freshly pierced skin.

Also, the masters give separate recommendations about jewelry for navel piercings for pregnant women. If you used long hanging earrings, then from the second decade of pregnancy it is worth changing them to small rods made of gold or silver alloys. Hormonal changes in the body can cause ambiguous allergic reactions even to surgical steel or titanium alloys. In this regard, risking your own health and the health of the baby, of course, is not worth it. pigsing, pirsing v raznyh zonah

Implant piercing

For the first puncture, it is best to use a horseshoe or "U-shaped" barbell. At the same time, you should not use jewelry with a length of more than 2 cm. If you like more massive “beauties”, you can easily change them after the piercing wound has completely healed. Microdermals are often installed immediately in the amount of several pieces, healing takes about 3 months and directly depends on the material used in the manufacture of jewelry.

So, as we can see, the choice of jewelry is great. It is up to you to decide on which part of the body to do the piercing and forward to the master. Share your impressions with photos in the comments.