Parasites living on the eyelashes and in the eyes

Did you know that every particle of the human body is a potential breeding ground for small parasites? If it is easy to see the lesions on the skin, then uninvited guests can be identified on the eyelashes only under a microscope. Ticks and lice are not only in the hair.

demodeks, kleshhi v resnicah, resnichnye vshi, chesotochnyj kleshh, oftal'momiaz

Mites living in human eyelashes

Swollen eyelids, watery eyes, covered with an almost imperceptible yellowish coating in the area of \u200b\u200bthe root growth of eyelashes, occur due to the appearance of Demodex mites. From it is impossible to detect without magnifying devices, since the size of an individual is only 0.4-0.5 mm. As a result of their vital activity, they release toxic substances that cause itching of the skin and allergic manifestations in the form of swelling.

It is enough to run your finger over your closed eyes a couple of times, intending to remove a non-existent speck of dust, as the infection will instantly spread throughout the eyelid. And in a few hours, the entire ciliary region of the eye will be affected. The saddest thing is that you can get infected completely unnoticed, using the clothes of one of your relatives, making a friendly kiss “on the cheek”, while not suspecting the existence of ticks.

demodeks, kleshhi v resnicah, resnichnye vshi, chesotochnyj kleshh, oftal'momiaz

Since it is impossible to identify the beginning of the spread of the disease, and not everyone will go to the doctor once again to check the suspicion, we catch ourselves already when the disease “blooms violently”. The dermatologist directs to scraping the skin and microscopic diagnosis. Therefore, if you suddenly feel a strong desire to rub your eyes, and it does not go away, even if you have already walked your hand over your eyelids a couple of times, then go for an examination.

Girls who regularly use mascara should be wary when, after washing off the cosmetics, the eyelashes remain stuck together and, as it were, covered with hardened crusts. You must have caught Demodex, which will soon manifest itself as purulent discharge!

The doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs, antihistamines. The affected area will need to be wiped daily with alcohol tinctures, gradually removing scaly layers. And after the hygiene procedure, therapeutic ointments are applied to the eyelids.

Demodex, also known as demodicosis, can occur on the face (parasites hide in the sebaceous glands), in the skin under the hair.

Eyelash lice

Another microscopic parasite that hides in the eyelashes. In this case, there is itching and slight conjunctivitis. Eyelashes are saturated with dots that form plaque: these clusters of lice that literally nest around the eyelashes. Their brownish eggs resemble broken cilia. The patient has bleeding from the eyelids.

demodeks, kleshhi v resnicah, resnichnye vshi, chesotochnyj kleshh, oftal'momiaz

You can become infected through close contact with the carrier, as well as using a shared towel to wipe your face.

Vaseline oil will help to partially comb out the parasites. The doctor uses miniature tweezers. In the case of an abundant population, eyelashes are cut out. It is often suggested to children who cannot resist scratching their eyelids. An adult can be offered cryotherapy and laser exposure.

To soothe the eyes after the procedures, apply erythromycin ointment. Prevention is carried out using a diluted solution of permitrin. As for hair, there are anti-pediculosis drugs in the liquid phase in the pharmacy network.

Scabies mite

He tries to hide in the hair follicles, causing a strong desire to scratch his eyelids incessantly. Shows up in the evening and at night. An unpleasant effect is the thickening of the eyelids, as a result of which the eyelashes begin to fall out spontaneously. The initial infection progresses to blepharitis.

demodeks, kleshhi v resnicah, resnichnye vshi, chesotochnyj kleshh, oftal'momiaz

It has been noted that among the patients a significant proportion are patients with diseases of the stomach, pancreas, liver, rheumatic disorders in the bones. Also, a potentially weak category are people with weak immunity.

Ophthalmomyiasis: fly larvae enter the eye

A lover of profiting from a “human being” is a gadfly that settles not only on the eyelids, but also in any part of the body that he likes. Some of them subsequently move to the eye area. The gadfly fly sprays larvae right on the fly, which fall on cows, sheep, and can also choose a person.

demodeks, kleshhi v resnicah, resnichnye vshi, chesotochnyj kleshh, oftal'momiaz

In addition to swelling of the eyelids, it becomes painful to close the eyes. There is an incessant headache, the thermal index of the body rises. Weakness similar to that observed during an infectious disease. In suppuration there are larvae that crawl out after opening the bladder. The sight is very unpleasant! And if suddenly it’s unlucky and instead of a gadfly in the pus there is a larva of a volfart fly, then during the growth period it is able to submerge the eye wall in humans. And this leads to blindness.

During treatment, antibiotics, antihistamines are prescribed. The doctor performs tissue preparation, pulling out the larvae and removing that part of the mucous membrane that has begun to irreversibly collapse.

Let's be extremely careful in places where bloodsucking and parasites appear! Beware of horseflies, gadflies, ticks, lice, and if you notice unpleasant symptoms, visit a doctor, postponing the planned business until better times.