New trend - neon eyelashes

The fashion catwalks of this season are beginning to actively promote the multi-colored shades of mascara. Moreover, not just multi-colored, but vigorous tones of neon colors, which are used to color both the upper and lower eyelashes.

At the same time, it is believed that the brighter the shade of paint, the better and cooler the owner of neon eyelashes looks.

neonovye resnicy, neonovyj makijazh, neonovyj trend, neon, strelki neonovym lajnerom, neonovye teni, jarkie neonovye cveta At the same time, eminent makeup artists of the world are ready to completely eliminate the use of eye shadows in order to give maximum importance to neon eyelashes. As an alternative to bright mascara, the eyelash extension procedure in neon shades has gained particular popularity. At the same time, bright neon tones can be evenly distributed both along the length of all eyelashes, and fill individual parts of the eyelash row, acting as bright accents for exclusive makeup.

The most interesting thing is that the fashion for neon eyelashes very quickly moved from the catwalks to everyday life, and more and more secretaries and managers of modern offices sparkle with eyelashes of poisonous shades. So what types of neon eyelashes are there, and what do cosmetologists advise lovely ladies.

Eyelashes for eye coloring

Given that colored eye makeup is now becoming commonplace in everyday life, it is not surprising that colored eyelash extensions, or eyelashes with colored inserts, have gained popularity. Both one and the second option give the image a special extravagance.

Taking into account the fact that false eyelashes can be safely worn for several weeks, false eyelashes are also preferred by those girls who, due to lack of free time, do not want to spend hours every day on “eyelash makeup”.

Color palette and visual effects neon eyelashes

The colors of eyelash extensions can be very diverse. But, the 2020 season suggests that you need to choose the brightest, eye-catching shades.

As for makeup artists, they offer the "gourmets" of the fashion world and special options for the special effects of false eyelashes. For example, as an option, you can consider false eyelashes in the style of "ombre".

This technique involves applying one shade of color at the base of the eyelashes, which smoothly passes to the tips of the eyelashes in another. In most cases, the ombre technique is used to build a full row of eyelashes and is combined with 2D or 3D effects.

Multi-colored neon eyelash extensions are most often used in cases where you need to change your look for just a few days or for one special evening.

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Partial neon eyelash extensions, for example, in blue, are not particularly noticeable. But, if the entire eyelash row is painted in bright blue, an excessive and conspicuous brightness is guaranteed. This is especially true for the effect in certain lighting, when colored eyelashes show their beauty especially brightly.

Popular with stylish women and the style, in fact, is very similar to the "ombre" - black eyelashes with colored tips. Here, again, the brighter the tips of the eyelashes, the cooler their owner looks.

When choosing poisonous lash shades, self-confident women often choose to opt for special, glow-in-the-dark fibers. They look especially strong in the twilight of nightclubs and discos.

neonovye resnicy, neonovyj makijazh, neonovyj trend, neon, strelki neonovym lajnerom, neonovye teni, jarkie neonovye cveta

neon beauty stuff

The new neon fashion trends don't just stop at eyelashes in toxic tones. They are pushing to use neon everywhere and arrows with shadows are no exception. The summer season does not allow fashionistas to miss the purchase of neon liners in poisonous blue, yellow, green, pink.

Against the background of such arrows, the rest of the makeup is recommended to be applied in the most neutral tones. If you choose a wardrobe to match the neon arrows (or vice versa), then your summer promises to be especially bright and colorful. However, not only summer, neon is perfect for New Year's makeup. In terms of stylish beauty, it is in no way inferior to other options for decorating eyelashes on New Year's Eve. neonovye resnicy, neonovyj makijazh, neonovyj trend, neon, strelki neonovym lajnerom, neonovye teni, jarkie neonovye cveta


The neon colors in makeup appearing from all angles have not bypassed the shadows of this season. Having become a real hit in the make-up, the shades of vigorous color are not inferior in popularity to either mascara, or liners, or numerous options for unusual eyelashes.

Moreover, in some aspects, using neon mascara is even more convenient than building up bright eyelashes. Yes, and the girls got used to bright shadows since childhood, the cords were secretly taken out of the shadow closet in the absence of their mother at home.

Special lovers of creativity, taking the popularity of neon in makeup literally, do wonders on their faces. Neon arrows, eyelashes and shadows are not enough for them. Therefore, they, embodying all their explicit and hidden artistic talents in reality, draw whole artistic masterpieces on their pretty faces, using, of course, neon colors.

How do you personally feel about the new beauty trend? Are you ready to “shine” with bright neon colors or do you still prefer makeup in more modest colors?