Natural nails - truth, myths and misconceptions

The modern nail industry offers us a huge number of innovations - biogels and gel polishes , new manicure techniques. Behind all this, many women have already forgotten that their own, natural nails also need care.

How to take care of natural nails

Unfortunately, not always women, when caring for their nails , perform all the procedures correctly. In home care, there are certain subtleties that must be taken into account. First, let's talk about calcium.

Is calcium good for nails?

For some reason, the first thing women, looking at their exfoliating nails, remember that they urgently need to make up for the lack of calcium in the body. The same thing comes to mind with a dry and flaky nail plate, in cases where the nails become too soft and pliable, they grow poorly.

But, not always after a woman begins to absorb huge amounts of calcium in dairy products or vitamin supplements, nails begin to grow by leaps and bounds. Not everyone knows that the role of calcium in this matter is greatly exaggerated. Yes, calcium will save your nails from brittleness. But only truly healthy nails are not only strong, but also moderately elastic.

The main characteristics of the nail plates

The main component of the nail plate is not calcium at all. Our nails are 90-95% keratin. It is one of the strongest proteins of natural origin. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, excessively high or, conversely, too low temperatures. At the same time, the remaining percentage of the composition of the nail plate is water. It is responsible for elasticity and flexibility, as well as one percent of the cholesterol contained in the nails.

By the way, nails owe their keratin to their layered structure, which allows the nail plates to absorb a huge amount of oils and fats. This contributes to both treatment and restoration of nails . But, when caring for nails, you need to remember that the nail plate gives off substances as simply as it absorbs them. As a result, after the course of treatment, it is necessary to polish ( seal ) the nails.

Keratin itself contains up to five percent sulfur. She is responsible for the strength of nails. If you have problems with nails, you should definitely make up for the lack of this component in the body. Even better, if you start taking a complete vitamin complex. Indeed, in addition to sulfur, nails need zinc and phosphorus, arsenic and, of course, the same calcium for regeneration.

Starting the restoration of nails, do not expect instant results. Remember that the full restoration of the nail plate can take up to six months. The main thing is that the recovery is successful, and we are waiting for your advice and recommendations.