Nail piercing

Want to add a little rebelliousness to your look, but not ready for a dramatic change in appearance? Then diversify the style of your nails! I will tell you about the trend that has returned to its former popularity - nail piercings .

pirsing dlya nogtey, pirsing na nogtyah, ukrashenie nogtey

With the development of nail art, we see that this area has no limit. Seriously, we've seen everything from minimalism to recreating masterpieces of architecture on nails, as well as photo printing. Therefore, it is not even somehow surprising that we are now witnessing a revival of the manicure trend of the early 2000s - nail piercing. This type of manicure has its own “hero” - reality TV star Kim Kardashian , because it was she, who posted a video on her Snapchat profile, which boasted a new nail design, each of which flaunted several gold miniature rings. Subscribers instantly divided into two camps: some were delighted and immediately intercepted the beauty initiative, while others came down with a wave of criticism, they say such a manicure is suitable only for non-working white-handed women, because many elementary actions will become much more difficult with such an “arsenal” on nails, not to mention the care of the child (of which Kim, by the way, has two). pirsing dlya nogtey, ukrashenie nogtey, kim kardashian

Whatever it was, I liked this trend, and with a reasonable approach, it can be a great decoration for your manicure. Traditional nail piercing is a completely painless and safe procedure . It does not have any of the side effects or inflammation that often accompanies other body piercings. The only thing you have to consider with such a manicure is the strength of your nails . If it's brittle or flake off easily, then this procedure is not for you. The piercing procedure is best done on hard and elastic nails, so many masters advise doing the procedure on extended nails.

ukrashenie nogtey, pirsing dlya nogtey

However, if you decide to decorate your natural nails, I personally advise you to first undergo a general strengthening therapy, enriching it with essential oils, vitamins and calcium. For example, a hot manicure, which I told you about in a previous article, will do just fine with this. And, of course, it is necessary that the nails can reach a certain length, as the saying goes, so that there is something to pierce :) .

pirsing dlya nogtey, pirsing na nogtyah

The nail piercing procedure itself is very simple. A small hole is drilled in the nail plate using a special device with a rod. You can do this at home (I know of cases where people have managed to make holes with a red-hot wide needle), but given the risk of bruising and breaking nails, it is wiser to invest in the services of a qualified manicurist.

kak sdelat pirsing na nogtyah, pirsing dlya nogtey

If you already have acrylic or gel nails, then the whole piercing procedure will take about 10-15 minutes . If you want to get pierced on natural nails, you will need some preliminary preparation.

Another caveat: it is necessary to make a hole before applying the coating, otherwise you will simply damage it and the manicure will have to be redone.

You can decorate at least every nail, it depends solely on your preferences, but as a rule, for piercing, most girls choose the ring finger, or little finger, because these fingers are the least active. In addition, the piercing looks much softer on it. Decorations are attached to the end of the nail so that it can move in the middle of the hole without damaging the nail.

nogtevoy pirsing

The jewelry itself can be of a variety of designs: traditional rings, double, triple, oval, curved or spiral, made of gold, silver, ordinary metal or plastic.

ukrashenie nogtey, pirsing dlya nogtey

After you become the owner of a nail piercing, do not forget about caution - the jewelry should not pinch the nail too much, as well as interfere with your daily work. And be careful while putting on your favorite stockings :)

My conclusion: nail piercing is another interesting and original way to showcase your personality in a manicure. Give free rein to your imagination!