Myths and truth about waxing

Women transform their appearance even in painful ways. Waxing has added to the list of procedures that help to have smooth skin. Each method has its adherents and opponents, as a result of which, in addition to the truth, speculation has also appeared.

mify o depilaicii

We refute the myths

Waxing is painful and not for long, it's better to use an old, proven razor

It is possible to reduce pain by almost half by applying special oil to the surface of the legs. Avoid visiting the salon on critical days, as the body will react sharply to additional interventions in functioning. After shaving, the skin is very irritated, there is a risk of ingrown hairs, which are more difficult to deal with.

Those who have an increased pain threshold are advised to contact the salon where they do polymer hair removal. And they heat less, so after application the skin does not feel thermal discomfort. The Skins method is able to cope with very short hairs located in the most delicate places.
  • Natural vegetation cannot be removed, otherwise it will become thicker and more noticeable.

The density of hair growth is caused not by their removal, but by hormonal changes in the body that make “adjustments” to the metabolic and other physiological functions of the body.

  • Shaving doubles as a peel

This is an erroneous opinion. To exfoliate the horny particles of the skin, special products are used that have nothing to do with exfoliation.



  • When hair is removed from the eyebrow area and above the upper lip, wrinkles are added, as the skin receives additional stretch.

An experienced cosmetologist performs the procedure in a gentle mode, holding the skin before removing the hairs. But very often it is not necessary to resort to such a procedure.

  • There is no difference in paying for expensive products or choosing a cheap line of pastes

The difference in price provides improved comfort during the procedure. There are formulations that are applied quickly and removed more easily. There are also those that provide a quick restoration of the initial characteristics (for example, a composition with shungite, which copes with the toughest hairs and at the same time soothes the skin).

  • Male epilation is just nonsense. The representative of the stronger sex must maintain natural beauty, even if he has an excess of hair on his back and shoulders

Men seeking to have a well-groomed body do not disdain epilation. Brutal, unshaven individuals are good for films and advertising, but in life, men are ready to remove “thickets” from their chests and backs, leaving their arms and legs hairy.



  • Sugar is more familiar to the body, so it's better than wax

This statement is not always true. Sugar effects are best done on the legs and arms in the presence of thin, medium stiff hairs. If treatment of the armpit area, bikini area or “vegetation” is short and hard, wax will help out. It will allow you to immediately process a large surface of the body, and the session itself will be 2 times shorter than the duration of sugaring.

  • Ingrown hairs are such a karma and nothing can be done about it

The hairs after the procedure are very weak, and the skin gradually builds up a layer of dead cells, through which it is difficult to break through. By applying moisturizing several times a week and doing 1-2 scrubs, you will gradually get rid of the ingrown. You can also use serums with acids: lactic will make the skin softer, and salicylic will soften the upper part of the epidermis to remove ballast and allow new cells to fully breathe.

Options for dealing with unwanted hairs



- Single hairs are usually removed with tweezers. They can be located on the chin, above the upper lip, often grow right in the moles. Eyebrow thinning can also be attributed to hair removal in order to give them a beautifully shaped and well-groomed appearance. A large mirror with an image magnification and sterilized tweezers will come in handy, the procedure is best done after steaming the skin, when the pores are enlarged.

  • Some use bleaching (bleaching) of hairs for arms and legs. If they are rare, they will be less conspicuous. However, among the representatives of the Caucasian and Central Asian nationalities, the vegetation appears more densely than among the representatives of the northern latitudes. Therefore, bleaching will not solve the problem at the root, but will only slightly mask the hairs. If the procedure is carried out carelessly, it is easy to get a chemical burn.

  • Sugaring is considered a slightly traumatic method, which can form small bruises due to strong adhesion to the skin. It is not recommended for people with capillaries and varicose veins.

  • Wax is a priority product for depilation. It is easier to work with him, he “adapts” well to external conditions. Working with sugar is more difficult: it takes time and experience to learn how to select the paste depending on the ambient temperature and the warmth of the master's hands. Otherwise, the composition will begin to spread, forming weak adhesion with the hairs.

Take care of your skin, bringing it into proper form. Try to avoid information about the false dangers of salon procedures. I think that my article helped to get rid of erroneous hypotheses and proved that depilation procedures will not become a stumbling block on the way to improving your attractiveness.