Microdermals - piercing with microimplantation

Women and men with piercings have long become commonplace. But here, too, innovative cosmetology solutions have found something to surprise. So - microdermals - special implants that are implanted directly into the human body.

mikrodermaly, ukrashenija - implantanty, implantanty dlja krasoty, pirsing, novyj pigsing A new term in cosmetology

Piercing has long ceased to be the prerogative of the youth subculture. Now it is done by those who are over 30, and those who are over 4, and even those who are over 60. For a long time you will not surprise anyone with nail piercings. And if everyone has long been accustomed to all sorts of rings - hearts, then such a solid term as "microdermal" commands respect, despite the fact that many of its meaning is unknown.


A special planar type of piercing, which, in fact, is the implantation of microdermals, is a partial implantation of the implant under the skin. Sounds scary enough, but is it really? mikrodermaly, ukrashenija - implantanty, implantanty dlja krasoty, pirsing, novyj pigsing

In reality, the situation with microdermals looks the same as any introduction of a foreign object into the skin. Even a specialist of the highest qualification will not give you an answer to the question whether this “extra detail” will take root in the body or will be rejected by it. So, you will have to personally weigh the pros and cons of this way of decorating your body.

Views and installation

Decoration - microdermal consists of two parts. The so-called "anchor" is the inner part. In most cases, it is made of titanium. This is a flat plate that is placed under the skin. The outer part - a threaded rod, in fact, is directly an ornament. It can be:

  • disks;
  • flowers;
  • animal figurines;
  • pebbles.

Which decoration to choose is a matter of purely personal taste preferences. mikrodermaly, ukrashenija - implantanty, implantanty dlja krasoty, pirsing, novyj pigsing

To install microdermal, you do not need to contact a cosmetology clinic. The procedure is performed in a beauty salon by a master piercer (a specialist who deals with piercing).

In order to implant the microderm on the selected area of the skin, a microscopic incision is made - 2-3 mm. The master inserts an anchor there, which subsequently becomes overgrown with tissues and heals completely, securely fixing under the skin.

The advantage of this decoration is that any interchangeable twists can be put on the thread remaining outside, and that these mini-implants are fixed on any part of the body - neck, back, chest or stomach. Microdermals on the navel

Microdermals look especially beautiful in the décolleté area. If you arrange them in a circle (like a necklace) and decorate the outer part with gold overlays or Swarovski crystals (wealthy ladies can afford diamonds), you get a unique and very original necklace.

Places for piercing

Despite the fact that the procedure for implanting this extraordinary jewelry cannot be considered particularly painful, there are certain recommendations in order to reduce the pain of the procedure. Masters are advised to choose for implantation of microdermals those places where the decoration will least come into contact with clothing. Eg:

  1. The chest area - in order to avoid irritation, the area under the bra (in case the jewelry is implanted by lovely ladies) should be excluded. A site slightly lower than the jugular cavity is best suited. A zone located diagonally from it is also suitable.
  2. The neck area - we have already talked about this, suggesting decorating it with a microdermal necklace.
  3. The face area is here, everything is at the discretion of fashionistas. It can be the forehead, the area around the ears, the cheeks.
  4. The collarbone area is considered to be a particularly stylish place for implanting microdermals. Many people especially like the small, one might say - miniature decoration, located in the recess of the collarbones. mikrodermaly, ukrashenija - implantanty, implantanty dlja krasoty, pirsing, novyj pigsing

So, summing up the above, we can safely say that microdermals belong to the stylish and sophisticated jewelry of our time.

Only now, a completely logical question arises - would all of you, dear ladies, agree to implant such jewelry for yourself? Or maybe someone is already showing off to the familiar exclusive jewelry? Share your impressions in the comments.