Manicure from around the world

Fashion for manicure changes not only over time, it can also change depending on the geographic location. A design that will be fashionable on the European continent may seem at least strange in Africa or Asia.

So let's talk about what kind of manicure is considered stylish and fashionable on different continents of our planet and in different countries of the world.


Korean women are very fond of manicure, which contains a large number of decorative elements. They love fancy glitters and stickers. Gradient underlays and pearlescent layers are preferred. Various options for marble manicure and abstract line projections are popular in Korea. That is, in Korea, by the way, you will have a gentle and soft and, at the same time, eye-catching manicure design.


The taste preferences of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are in many ways similar to the preferences of Korean women. Sharp gradients from transparent tones to dense, rich tones. Japanese women like cute drawings and a transparent cuticle area.


Initially bold and relaxed, American women were famous for their passion for nails of extreme length. Nail modeling is distinguished by rigid forms and an abundance of decor. As an option, American women often consider designs where each nail has its own individual finish and style.


Here, in comparison with the American continent, everything is simpler and at the same time gentle. Nude pastel shades, classics of light, unobtrusive designs - this is what primarily attracts Czech women. Even if they grow nails, they prefer to choose the most natural forms, avoiding excessively long nail plates. Great importance is attached to cleaning nails before decorative manicure.


Oddly enough, but the inhabitants of this advanced European state almost never cover their nails with a decorative coating, limiting themselves to sawing and removing the cuticle.

What country do you associate yourself with? What options for manicure designs do you personally prefer? Let us know in the comments.