Manicure for short nails. "Brevity is the soul of wit"

Many people are used to thinking that a high-quality stylish manicure is available only to owners of long nails. Today I will prove to you that a manicure for short nails is not only practical, but also beautiful!

manicur na korotkie nogti, manicur dlya korotkih nogtey

Just a couple of decades ago, long nails were a must for a well-groomed girl. And the breakage of the nail was akin to a tragedy. But fast forward to today, at a time when more and more girls, when performing everyday activities, prefer short-cut nails. If you still do not believe that a manicure on very short nails can look as stylish and beautiful as on long nails, then my article today is for you. Manicure ideas for short nails for all occasions are waiting for you below):

Classic manicure

The next idea is simple - red manicure . This is an excellent choice. Red looks glamorous on any nail shape and length and is a classic. However, this does not mean that it is banal and boring. On the contrary, sometimes it is much better to do a simple shellac manicure on short nails with a monophonic coating (especially if your work implies a certain dress code) than to apply all the colors of the rainbow on the nails, or, for example, not proportional decor. manicur dlya korotkih nogtey, klassicheskiy manicur

If your nails are short, it's best to avoid using too much nail art, such as stones or rhinestones, because it takes up too much space on the nail plate and will make your nails look even shorter.

Large rhinestones are not the best choice for short nails, but this does not mean that the decor should not be at all. You just need to approach this matter with a sense of proportion :) Dark colors like red and blue will look great on short nails, but if you don't want to draw attention to their true length, choose beige or nude nail polish. Thus, the color will not stand out too much, but the hands will look well-groomed. manicur na korotkie nogti, nude manicur, manicur v pastelnih tonah


The ombre effect is one of the trends that is no longer a hit at the moment. It was popular a couple of years ago, but that doesn't mean we should completely forget about it. In fact, ombre is very suitable for small nails because it will give the illusion that the nails are not as short as it really is. I advise you to choose light pastel colors, for example, a combination of white and blue. On the eve of summer, a gentle manicure will be more than ever welcome. manicur ombre, gradient, manicur na korotkie nogti

Summer manicure for short nails

Traditionally, we associate summer with bright colors , relaxation , sunshine , and positive mood . So why not display all this charm on your nails. It all depends on your imagination. Experiment with the coating, apply patterns, in general, do not limit yourself!)

manicur na korotkie nogti, letniy manicur

By the way, an airbrush will become an excellent assistant in applying a variety of drawings (especially when you are limited in the length of the nail plate).

French manicure for short nails

The main advantage of the French manicure is that it allows you to create the illusion of longer nails. By painting only the tips of your nails, you visually lengthen them. Combinations of shades of white and beige are best suited for this. If your nails are too short, you can try a V-shaped French manicure to make them look longer.

manicur dlya korotkih nogtey, francuzkiy manicur


Stripes, stripes and more stripes! Vertical stripes will help lengthen your nails better than any other method. Depending on your preferences, you can select only 1 nail with stripes, or decorate the entire hand. manicur dlya korotkih nogtey, manicur s poloskami

If you choose bold bright colors for the base, thin horizontal silver stripes will also look good. The most important thing in this manicure is to create a contrast between the base and the stripes.

manicur dlya korotkih nogtey s poloskami

Diagonal stripes are another incomparable option for short nails. Choose from blue, dark green, or gold glitter, and line the diagonal of the nail. I'm sure the result will not disappoint you. manicur dlya korotkih nogtey

Also, thanks to the application of stripes, such a “marine manicure” that is relevant in the summer season is created. manicur s poloskami, morskoy manicur

I offered you just a few manicure options for short nails, but the possibilities are endless! So don't be upset if you once again broke your precious long nails, or you just can't grow the length - fashion and modern technologies allow us to be stylish and well-groomed with any "data" :)

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