Manicure around the world

Let's make a manicure tour around some countries of the world and get acquainted with the features of the nail service!

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah,SShA, Japonija,Francija,Anglija

French manicure

We don’t know if this will be news to you, but French manicure was not invented in France. The method of such coloring of nails was invented in America in Hollywood. For actresses, it was important that their manicure matched every outfit, and repainting their nails every time after filming was problematic. And they called it that because the French models spied on this idea and carried it to the masses. In fact, in France, the quality of manicure service is in a deplorable state. The price for the most primitive manicure is from 20 euros. And if you decide to go to the salon, then be prepared to give all 50 euros. At the same time, you will not see such services as in our country. The maximum that they will do is somehow trim the cuticle and clumsily make up the nails. Most French women do manicures at home or ask a friend.

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah,SShA, Japonija,Francija,Anglija

English manicure

English manicure is considered to be of high quality among European women. The reason for such an assessment is the durability of the varnish coating. But the process of manicure leaves much to be desired. In England, it is forbidden to trim the cuticle so as not to injure the client. Therefore, they avoid the use of cutting tools in every possible way. To a person accustomed to a neat manicure, it may seem that the final result is deplorable. Services are unreasonably expensive. Manicure in the salon costs around 50-60 euros. Is it worth paying that kind of money if you still have to redo it?

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah,SShA, Japonija,Francija,Anglija

German manicure

In Germany, the level of nail art is very low. All that German manicurists usually do is paint their nails in one tone or French. It will be difficult for our women in this country, since complex design is almost never found here. It is difficult there and with manicure techniques. The salons use the most primitive devices and means. But, despite this, manicure in Germany is quite popular. Some even call the master to the house. The cost of services varies from 30 to 60 euros.

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah,SShA, Japonija,Francija,Anglija

Dutch manicure

There are so few nail salons in Holland that it is necessary to sign up for such a procedure several months in advance. Manicure is done only for special occasions and is quite primitive. But, despite this, the masters are ready for experiments. But in the case of an extraordinary design, the responsibility will fall entirely on the shoulders of the client, since Dutch manicurists simply do not know how much. The price for a manicure is 55-70 euros. So ladies, take a look! Perhaps it makes sense to move to Holland and open your own nail business?

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah,SShA, Japonija,Francija,Anglija, Hollandija


Manicure in the USA is done by... the Chinese. No, this is not a typo. Most nail salons in America are owned by the Chinese. Unlike Europeans, American manicure is trimmed. The use of nippers is not refused here, but you need to ask for it. During the procedure, the simplest tools are used: a nail file and wire cutters. There are very few good salons in the USA. In order to find yours, you need to search for a long time. Great news! American manicure masters practice author's design. By the way, they go to study in the CIS countries.

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah, Japonija,Francija,Anglija, Hollandija

Manicure in Japan

Manicure in Japan is not a cosmetic, but a medical procedure. During care, the client receives the maximum amount of attention. Manicurists make all possible baths, use creams, scrubs, serums and other products. The cuticle in Japan is not cut off, but, as in Europe, it is softened and removed with an orange stick. As for design, in Japan they still practice options that were popular in the 90s. Long sharp nails, bright colors, an unusual and catchy pattern are the trends of Japanese manicure. Nail extensions are very popular. After removing the coating, a lot of medical and restorative procedures are carried out.

Manikjurnye osobennosti v raznyh stranah, Japonija,Francija,Anglija, Hollandija

The conclusion suggests itself: our manicure masters are much more experienced and talented than foreign ones, and the hands of our women are always well-groomed and beautiful. Appreciate our masters and always be attractive!!!