Manicure according to the Celtic horoscope

The Celtic horoscope is the most ancient. All people here are flowers. In total, there are 36 signs in the horoscope. The idea of manicure for the Celtic horoscope is in trend in the spring of 2020!

kel'tskij goroskop, manikjur po goroskopu, nogti i goroskop Spring is the time when you want to change. Nature is reborn. This is very cool! Spring is always associated with flowers. Today, we have prepared a selection of flower manicures for beautiful ladies!

The first flower according to the Celtic horoscope is yellow gentian. Ladies who were born between January 1st and 10th. This is your sign. The ladies of this sign are responsive and experience, love to take care of the weak. image(5)


Thistle is next (January 11-January 20). You are proud, strong, you know how to stand up for yourself. There are many types of this plant. You have honor and dignity! Beautiful bright purple flowers, always attract attention. image(1)

Immortelle, these are ladies who were born from January 21 to January 31. Immortal people are moderate in their requests. They know what they want from life. They like to save money, but they do it wisely. Ladies are less emotional, but they know how to empathize. image(2)

Lady mistletoe, those born between February 1st and 10th. Charming and courteous seducers. They painstakingly take care of their appearance and do not miss a single fashion trend. She is popular with the opposite sex. image(3)

Demoiselle or wolfberry (February 11-February 19). The belladonna woman is modest and generous, has the ability to point out the wrongness of a person at the same time, without offending him. She will not be silent when she sees injustice. Has high requirements for love. image(4)

Mimosa are very touching and tender girls. They were born from 20 to 28 February. They are very sensitive and touching. Girls are extremely delicate in everyday life and expect the same delicacy from others. If expectations are not justified, then they suffer greatly. These are very impressive people. image

Poppy is a lady who was born from March 1st to March 10th. The girls of this sign are very spectacular. They know how to dress and create their image, sparing no time, no money, no effort. This is a very lucky sign. Ladies are easily carried away and can hardly stop in time. They love bright colorful and raging relationships. Don't rush to get married. Poppy

Lily is those who were born from March 11 to March 20. Girls know how to surround themselves with an aura of mystery. They can learn everything from the interlocutor, but at the same time do not tell anything about themselves. No one ever knows what the lily has in mind. These girls are very fond of comfort. Liliya Digitalis (March 21 - March 31) knows how to find the right solutions and a way out of various impasses. They are always confident. They know their worth. They always make the right decision with the help of logic. She will never let a friend down, she is not afraid to take responsibility. Naperstianka

Ladies born from April 1 to April 10 are magnolias. Most of these girls know how to appreciate beauty. They surround themselves with beautiful things. Magnolias adorn society. They are very refined. image (17)

Hydrangeas were born from 11 to 20 April. They are always bright and cheerful. Ladies love to travel and romance. Always helps friends and acquaintances out of the kindness of his heart. Gortenzia

Ladies who were born between April 21st and 30th wear a beautiful dahlia flower. These are people of harmony who need it everywhere. These ladies must always be beautiful. This is their beauty. image(34)

Lily of the valley (May 1 - 10), the ladies are very sensitive and trusting. They love people and treat them with understanding. Ladies are very gullible. They like to give in to a strong partner. Landush

Purslane, these are those who were born from May 11 to May 21. Representatives of this sign are very peculiar. They have one virtue - patience. They are very hardworking and touchy. Portulak

Ladies born from May 22 to May 31 are Daisies. They are charming and smart. This is a very prudent lady who will never spend an extra cent. They know how to benefit for themselves without thinking about others. Romashka

Bluebells were born from 1 to 11 June. They love peace, order and stability. They make high demands on themselves and others, so it’s not easy with them, but it’s interesting. He does not accept hack work in any form. Everything has to be perfect the first time. They are unique organizers. Kolokolchiku

Ladies who were born from June 12 to 21 are Tulips. These ladies do not like money, for them, material things are not important. Ladies are very dreamy and love to dream up. Tulips love to work with a creative approach. Tulpanu

Daisies (June 22 to July 01). Girls like to communicate on their territory. They work constantly, they know how to find something for themselves. They are very observant. Their circle is only decent and smart people. Mrgaritka

Ladies - Water Lilies (July 2 - July 12). Knows how to organize his time. They are very stubborn and they like to plan everything. These are very good friends who will always support, give the last. image(38)

Violets were born from July 13 to 22, sissy ladies who follow their “I want”. She is a very good worker, smart, responsible and executive. She is not a career woman. They accept the partner for who he is. Fialki

The next sign will be Rosehip (July 24 - August 2). These are very interesting witticisms. They are always confident, proactive, collected and easily take responsibility. Very strong ladies! They have willpower and self-esteem. Shipovnik

Sunflowers are those born between August 3rd and 14th. Step by step and only forward. Girls do not want to get everything at once, but go consciously and gradually. These are very practical ladies who know how to weigh and evaluate everything correctly and will never jump above their heads. image(32)

Next comes the flower queen Rose. These ladies were born from 15 to 23 August. Rose girls are irresistible and attractive. The rose draws attention to itself, always stands out in the crowd. They are very smart and energetic. But at the same time they know how to stand up for themselves! Girls are optimists! Roses are very selective in choosing a pair. Rosa

Delphinium (August 24 to September 2). The girls of this sign are demanding, but at the same time they have restraint and calmness. They keep their word, they are very self-critical. Ladies are very moderate in everyday life. image(35)

Ladies who were born from 3 to 11 September are Carnations. Ladies are principled and straightforward. She is a realist. Has a strong and strong-willed character. She is always very honest. image(33)

Astra (September 12-22) is always cheerful, gentle. Ladies are very cheerful. Her decisions are always prudent. Always goes to his goal. image (39)

Heather (September 23 - October 3) . Ladies don't know how to stay angry for long. It flares up quickly and goes away quickly. Peaceful, good-natured and noble. Here are three whales of this sign. Ladies will not tolerate humiliation and crawl! Women are distinguished by mercy and purity of thoughts. Veresk

Lady with a date of birth (October 4 to 13) is Camellia. They love to decorate their lives. Inborn aesthetics. Their life is always full of interesting events. These are creative people who love to be admired. Kameliya

Lilac (October 14 - October 24), sociable and cheerful personalities. They love noisy companies. They want to switch all the time, it is difficult for them to focus on one thing. Girls love freedom and independence. image(6)

Ladies who were born from October 24th to November 2nd are Freesias. Neat and executive Freesias love order. They always want to be the first in everything, but at the same time they are very suspicious. She always rushes forward without stopping, and sometimes she can drive herself. Ladies are very selective. frezii

Orchid (November 3 - 12), always mysterious ladies. Ladies have a tenacious mind and curiosity. Lady is very principled. If they have a life position, they will never deviate from life convictions. orchidya

Peonies (November 13 - 22), strong workaholics who love their work very much, are always passionate about it. Personal life suffers from this. ( Peonies are resilient, observant and inventive. Pionu

Next go according to the horoscope Gladiolus (November 23 - December 2), ladies think for a very long time before making a decision, they always doubt the correctness of their own choice. Ladies are good responsible and reliable workers. All their lives they are looking for themselves. They are dreamers and romantics. Gladiolus

Dandelions (December 3 - December 12) is a rich and beautiful flower. He has a rich imagination. And deeply understands art. His style is freedom, individuality and organicity. Dandelions make dreams come true! Oduvanchuk

Lotus (December 13 - December 22). The lady is a convinced perfectionist, she always wants to be perfect. Each new day is an opportunity to get closer to your ideal. Lady - Lotus has a non-standard way of thinking. Always running for the ideal in the second half looking for him constantly. lotus

The last flower sign is Edelweiss, which is the one born from December 23rd to 31st. Ladies are balanced and imperturbable. They love people. This is a healthy careerist. They are good and true friends! Smart and decent ladies!!! Edelvais

As you can see, the choice of flower horoscope is very large. You have to be able to find yourself. After all, every girl or woman is the one and only flower that must be loved, groomed and cherished.