Lunula of the nail - "little moon" with great meaning

Did you know that nails can tell a lot about your health? Since ancient times, nails have been used as a health diagnostic tool. And for sure, many of you have noticed a white crescent at the base of the nails.

This seemingly insignificant part has nothing to do with astrology, but is very important for monitoring the health of your entire body. In this article, I will help you understand the features and characteristics of this physiological phenomenon and fully appreciate its significance in our body.

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Under the skin that covers the base of the nail, there is a root, or so-called a matrix. The root of the nail is exactly the place where new cells grow, and this is the only place where the nail is "alive". If the root is damaged, the nail will permanently deform, so it is very important to make every effort to protect it. Damaged nails can indicate imperfections, weaknesses, and toxins in the body. The most common sign to pay attention to is the state of the hole, the lunula - a clarified crescent that we can see under the nail plate at the base of the nail. Translated from Latin , "lunula" means " little moon", which is most noticeable on the thumb or toe. It is also present on the remaining fingers, but may be partially or completely hidden by the surrounding skin layer.

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Normal nails should be pinkish, moderately hard, arched, smooth and shiny, with a well-defined lunula, the appearance of which indicates how energetic and healthy a person is. The more energetic a person is, the whiter his lunula, and vice versa. The lunula covers an area of about one-fifth of the nail and has clear edges. It usually signals a person's illness by a change in color or by the complete disappearance of the crescent. After a person establishes immunity, small holes gradually appear again. But not all people initially lunula are noticeable. But if you observed yours before, and then it began to change color or disappeared altogether, this could mean health problems.

A healthy person has 8 to 10 lunules with a predominantly white color on both hands.

What disorders can signal the condition of the lunula

Here are some of the diseases that may be indicated by these lunula anomalies.

  • Pale or bluish color of the lunula - diabetes mellitus is possible
  • Turquoise or purple lunula is Wilson's disease, which is caused by a large amount of copper in the body.
  • Red lunula - heart failure, lupus, or systemic disease
  • Brown or black lunula and nails - excess fluoride in the body
  • Yellow lunula - caused by taking drugs with tetracycline
  • If the lunula disappears, anemia or malnutrition is possible
  • The lunula disappears and the nail turns yellow - rheumatoid arthritis or chronic sinusitis
  • The nail lunula disappears and the nail turns brown - kidney failure

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If you notice any of these sudden changes, you should consult your doctor immediately.

How to restore the lunula

First of all, you must restore your overall health and immunity. After that, there are two ways to restore the look of your nails. The best way is to eat food that is rich in protein, such as eggs, meat and peas. It is also recommended to take food such as: wheat germ, bran, beans and sunflower seeds, which are rich in essential iron, zinc and vitamin E.

By the way, the unvarnished hole in combination with splashes and contrasting shades is one of the new manicure trends of this year.

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Regular nail massage is a pleasant way to help nails recover. By massaging the nail root and lunula with warm cuticle oil, you stimulate the blood flow needed for proper growth. Then apply a moisturizer all over the nail and this will help keep the cuticles soft and also provide extra protection to the root of the nail.

Tune in to the fact that the restoration of the nail will take about six months until it grows from the root to the free edge.

If you do everything right, then you would not see any blackouts or deformations, and in return you will get healthy, pink nails with a beautiful crescent moon.