Laser nail file

Many girls are wary of filing their nails, fearing their delamination in the future. Today I will tell you about a tool with which you will forget about this problem - a laser nail file .

Lasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka, pilochka dlya nogtey

When I first heard the phrase “laser nail file”, I had a picture of hordes of Star Wars heroes running towards me, brandishing a laser sword, and shortening my nails :) . But the reality turned out to be less fantastic. This nail file deserves the epithet “laser” because the grooves on its diamond coating are made using a laser. Eh, everything is so banal, the star warriors of my imagination hid their swords and rushed off into the distance... :) laser mech

How it works

But let's get back to the characteristics of the nail file. The laser nail file is a prominent representative of the so-called "euro-manicure", which does not use cutting objects, which makes it safer. Despite the fact that you do not cut anything, the side rollers become smooth, and the skin around the nail becomes thin and well-groomed. To use, the laser file is just as easy as its less "thorough" cousins :) Shape your nails with the hard side and then polish it with the softer spray on the back of the file. Lasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka, pilochka dlya nogtey

Benefits of laser nail file

The nail file seems to cut off the nail plate, doing it very thinly and carefully. The proof of this is that no film is formed on the back of the nail during filing. And the cut is perfectly smooth and shiny. In turn, this prevents further delamination of the nail plate. That is, there is a certain effect of “soldering” the nail, which cannot but please the owners of fragile, exfoliating nails. Clearly, the effect of soldering appears when the nail file stops sawing, but simply slides along a smooth edge. pilochka s effektom zapaivaniya

A nice bonus is that from a large assortment you can choose a nail file spray pattern that pleases your eye, and the manicure procedure will become even more pleasant. After all, for us girls, details are important :) Lasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka, pilochka dlya nogteyLasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka, pilochka dlya nogtey

It is also noteworthy that thanks to a special laser spraying, such a nail file will easily cope with nail polishing, even with the most portable dimensions. Even the tip of the nail file is fully functional! portativnaya lasernaya pilochka,Lasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka, pilochka dlya nogtey

Laser files for legs

But not only hands can be pleased with this device. On sale you can also find laser files for legs. And what is remarkable, such a nail file has no less positive properties:

  • Suitable for both professional and home use.
  • Exfoliates and smoothes even "worn out" calluses on the legs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Universal for both right and left hand users.
  • Leaves skin smooth for a long time.
  • Gently removes dead skin from the feet.

Lasernaya pilochka dlya nogtey, lasernaya pilka dlya nog, pilochka dlya nogtey

Based on the promises of the manufacturers, as well as the feedback from those who have already used this device, those who suffer from cracked heels will especially like the laser foot file. Cracks are visibly reduced after just a few uses. I think I know what I'll bring to my granny next time :) lasernaya pilka dlya nog, pilochka dlya nog, lasernaya pilochka

Where to buy a laser nail file

At the moment, laser files are presented in a wide range in almost all professional cosmetics stores, as well as in numerous online markets. So you will have plenty to choose from :) The price of a laser file varies depending on the country of manufacture. So, for example, for a quality instrument made in Germany, you will have to pay within $30-50, while the Chinese counterpart will cost only $3. But given the durability of this nail file, I advise you not to save.

My conclusion: a decent tool with good functional data. There is definitely a place in my arsenal for a laser nail file :)