Laminate eyelashes

The word laminate in many people immediately evokes association with flooring. How many of the lovely ladies know that there is also lamination of eyelashes.

A procedure that was much more to the liking of many women. So what are the advantages of lamination and its secrets? Is it worth trying it on yourself or is it better to stop at a more familiar eyelash extension? Or leave the natural ones completely and cover them with ordinary mascara, and for the holidays attach chic false eyelashes of unusual shapes. laminated eyelashes

Lamination procedure

Lamination in cosmetology is a procedure that simultaneously lengthens the eyelashes and makes them thicker. Masters achieve this effect through the use of a special composition that gives their eyelashes a natural and beautiful bend. Thanks to this, the time spent on makeup is significantly reduced, and the look of the eyelashes is as if they were already covered with lengthening mascara. laminirovanie, resnicy, laminirovannye resnicy, laminat na resnicah

How is it performed

Lamination is one of the most complex procedures that modern cosmetologists perform with eyelashes. It is carried out in several stages.

  1. First of all, the eyelashes are cleaned of cosmetics.
  2. Degrease with special compounds.
  3. Select the desired shape of the roller.
  4. Spread the roller on the eyelashes and fix it.
  5. Apply chemicals for lamination.
  6. Eyelashes are colored.
  7. Botox is applied.
  8. Cleanse the eyelids and inter-ciliary space. laminirovanie, resnicy, laminirovannye resnicy, laminat na resnicah

The roller is a special tool used for laminating. The bend that the eyelashes will receive in the future directly depends on its shape. The choice primarily depends on the shape, length and density of natural eyelashes. And, of course, one cannot do without taking into account the wishes of their owners.

After laying on the eyelashes, make sure that they are stretched from the very roots to the tips. All cilia should lie in a perfect parallel plane with respect to each other. Only in this case it is possible to guarantee that the eyelashes will not be confused either after the procedure or after regrowth.

The purpose of the first composition, which covers the eyelashes, is to open the scales of the eyelashes and act on keratin cells. This allows the master to give the desired curl to the eyelashes. The next composition, on the contrary, closes the scales and fixes the created curls, firmly fixing them. Between the compositions, professional masters also apply a special treatment that provides additional care to the eyelashes.

As the third composition, depending on the situation, keratin, nourishing oils or Botox are used. After treatment, the beautician carefully treats the eyelids with cleansing agents. This helps to avoid allergic reactions. laminirovanie, resnicy, laminirovannye resnicy, laminat na resnicah


Eyelash lamination, like other cosmetic procedures, has certain contraindications. These include:

laminirovanie, resnicy, laminirovannye resnicy, laminat na resnicah But, it should be noted that in the last two cases, lamination cannot be performed only if the plastic or permanent was made less than a month ago. If more time has passed, you can safely contact a beautician.

As for the frequent questions about whether it is possible to laminate eyelashes for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding, there are no medical prohibitions here. The only thing is that not a single cosmetologist will tell you what result the eyelashes of a woman with a dramatically changing hormonal background will have on laminating compositions. There are cases when the effect of the procedure was completely absent.

Care instructions

There are no special recommendations for the handling and care of laminated eyelashes. In contrast to the rules for the care of eyelash extensions. The only thing is that at first it is better to try not to fall asleep with your face buried in the pillow. Women can lead a normal life - visit swimming pools and solariums, bask in the sun on the beach, swim in the pool or the sea, and even get caught in the pouring rain.

The only thing is that it is absolutely not recommended to do all this in the first 24 hours after the procedure. This is due to the need to restore the disulfide bond in the eyelash structure. After this time - any whim. You are free to do whatever you want. By the way, if you have a cool party coming up and you need a really luxurious look - do not worry - several layers of bright mascara will perfectly fall on laminated eyelashes.

So, do not deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful at any time of the day. Go ahead ladies and share your impressions with us.