Is piercing harmful?

The fashion for piercing goes in turns, sometimes it is fashionable to do it even on nails , but at least it is safe. Women either make new punctures or bashfully hide them. And what does modern medicine say about piercing, which also does not stand still.

pirsing, oslozhnenija posle pirsinga, protivopokazanija k Is it possible for everyone to perform this procedure, or is piercing categorically contraindicated for some categories of people? The procedure itself is not favored by all doctorsss. The same applies to the implantation of microdermals. Therefore, the servants of Asclepius (the Greek god of healing) are trying to protect their patients from unnecessary punctures in the body. In some cases, they are completely categorically against piercing. Which ones I will tell you in this article.

Belly button piercing

This zone itself is tender and sensitive. And, despite the constant fashion trends that welcome all kinds of heart rings in the navel, doctors do not recommend making punctures in this area. pirsing, oslozhnenija posle pirsinga, protivopokazanija k

Again, the fact that the jewelry inserted in this zone can constantly be touched by clothes affects it. For example, the same jeans and even homemade pajamas. The wound will not heal well, pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate into it and cause inflammation or even blood poisoning.

Piercing is especially contraindicated for pregnant women. Postpone the procedure for at least 10 months. If you pierce the navel at this time, you can damage the tissues of the anterior abdominal wall and thereby harm the child. In particularly difficult cases, the tissues may even disperse during the puncture. In this case, the danger will directly threaten the life of the baby. But what about those who have become pregnant with the decoration already in the navel? It is best to remove the jewelry, who knows, maybe, having experienced the joy of motherhood, you no longer want to return it to its place.

Harm of contact between fabrics and metal

Considering that many mechanisms of our body are not sufficiently studied even in our time, doctors suggest that constant contact of body tissues with metal can harm the body. pirsing, oslozhnenija posle pirsinga, protivopokazanija k Especially when it comes to wearing jewelry in obviously unintended places. Who is right and who is wrong is unknown. But tell me, is it worth the risk? Although, of course, it all depends on you personally. Maybe you want to repeat the feat of a young man and surpass the Black Alien project? Then the advice of doctors to you is definitely useless.

pirsing, oslozhnenija posle pirsinga, protivopokazanija k Rejection risks

The organization of the human body involves the rejection of foreign bodies by it. This can directly apply to piercing jewelry or microdermals. And, if your girlfriend has a lot of punctures, and she tolerates piercing well, the wounds heal quickly and do not cause inconvenience - this does not mean at all that it will be the same for you.

pirsing, oslozhnenija posle pirsinga, protivopokazanija k In no case do I want to scare anyone and to be honest, this is quite rare, and jewelry is now made from high-quality and safe metal alloys. But, nevertheless, the fact remains and in the practice of a physician there have been cases when the piercing fell off along with part of the flesh.

But, I repeat, whether to pierce or not is your own business and no one has the right to interfere here. The main thing is, if you still decide on the procedure, do not try to do it yourself - look for a professional specialist and minimize the risks.