Intimate haircut: whim or routine?

There are a lot of technologies and tools that help you look perfect from head to toe. Therefore, the topic of intimate haircuts no longer seems so distant and shameful.

A modern intimate haircut is not only an aspect of hygiene, but also a great opportunity to create a beautiful picture where it was not possible and relevant before.

Виды интимной депиляции

The origins of the culture of intimate haircuts

Such haircuts began to gain popularity in the 60s of the last century, after the intensification of the sexual revolution, the popularity of bikinis and nude beaches. In an era of change and emancipation, the girls were no longer satisfied simply with their naked body, they wanted to stand out not only from the outside, but also where the gaze of the general public did not reach. It all started with fairly elementary haircuts, in the form of clear lines, triangles and hearts. At the same time, the methods of depilation also did not differ in variety.

типы интимных стрижек

It is worth noting that when my new clients hear the phrase “intimate haircut”, they immediately imagine something beyond extraordinary, curly monograms, rhinestones and multi-colored staining in intimate places. But in reality, there is a certain kind of intimate brazilian haircut, which implies a completely smooth surface of the skin in such places.

At the moment, the style of an intimate hairstyle is limited only by the amount of human imagination.

What do you need for a haircut?

If you plan to make a figured intimate haircut, then you need:

  • Mirror
  • Haircut shape template
  • Cosmetic pencil for drawing contours
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Razor or trimmer
  • antiseptic

For a long time, only a razor and scissors were used as tools. But, despite the convenience of their use, in practice there are not many advantages: hair in intimate areas grows quickly, and there is also a high risk of cuts and an allergic reaction.

Which hair removal method to choose?

девушка выбирает способ депиляции

Standard shave. The most familiar way for most women to remove unwanted vegetation is still shaving.

Advantages: low cost, minimal time spent.

Disadvantages: the likelihood of ingrown hairs, allergic reactions and cuts.

Depilatory cream. A perfectly acceptable way to get rid of hair.

Advantages: Speed, impossible to cut yourself.

Disadvantages: Not 100% removal, hair grows back very quickly, skin reaction is likely.

Shugaring. Hair removal with sugar paste.

Advantages: Quite painless procedure, hair grows back slowly, it is impossible to get hurt.

Disadvantages: Difficult to do on your own.

But I would like to take a closer look at the method that I choose for myself and strongly advise my clients:


Many girls mistakenly prefer sugaring over waxing, believing that this procedure is more painful. In fact, it all depends on the technology, and the wax that you use in your work.

Depilation of the bikini area, due to the specific structure of the hair, is recommended to be performed only with hard, hot, granular, or, so-called, pellicle wax.

When heated, this wax becomes the consistency of liquid sour cream, which allows it to lie well on the surface of the skin. The hairs, as it were, “drown” in this consistency, and, after hardening (it takes an average of 30-50 seconds), they are easily removed. To heat the wax, masters usually use a special wax melter, but among my colleagues there were cases of using alternative methods, such as a water bath.

Воскоплав, шпатели, ленты

Painful sensations and redness when using this method of wax depilation are less than during sugaring, or using wax in cartridges.

Интимная депиляции, глубокая депиляция

Another interesting feature that I would like to share with you is the connection between hair growth and the phases of the moon . Yes, you heard right, it was the phases of the moon;) During my 10+ years of practice, my clients and I were able to verify their connection with depilation. If you make an intimate haircut during the phase of the growing moon, then the hair grows at a frantic speed, which brings our next meeting closer)

But if you do depilation during the waning moon, then about 5 weeks may pass before the next depilation session.

Фазы луны, рост волос

I hope my information was interesting and useful to you.

Be beautiful wherever!)