Indian nail style

If you have seen how beautifully and carefully the hands of Indian women are painted, then you have an idea about this oriental beauty and the art of mehendi (drawing images using henna). Our girls, who are impressed by this art, successfully master the art of decorating nails.


Mehndi - from the word "henna"

In other countries, only a few will decide to paint with henna on their hands, chest, back, legs, even if it is a real artistic masterpiece. The work takes several hours, and it will come in handy only at a party. But any girl can afford to decorate her nails.

Henna is good for coloring the skin, but varnishes are used for nails.

Ornaments have one feature: each image has a natural fragment. Indian nail art masters combine drawings of flowers, stems, birds with geometric shapes that have angles.

Simplified mehndi fragments are reproduced in three ways. The work of creating symmetrical patterns on nails by hand is very painstaking. For those who are not good at it or do not want to spend a lot of time creating a manicure, stamping is offered.


On sale there are special plates on which a pattern is applied with a stencil. You will need to wipe the composition you like with alcohol, apply varnish on it, quickly remove the excess with a scraper, dip a stamp from the set there and make a prepared drawing on the nail. For a more simplified procedure, fashionistas use slider stickers, but here it will be necessary to accept the base color and pattern that will be on sale.

If you find one drawing with straight or ornate lines boring, decorate your nails with beads or rhinestones. You won’t look like this for a long time, so use it for festive occasions. This manicure is not recommended if you work in a company where a strict approach to the appearance of employees.

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Execution technique

The classic shades for Indian art are beige (skin color) and contrastingly dark. To fix, you need a brown-red varnish if you want to copy oriental originality. For those who want to get a bright base (blue yellow, light green), a colorless varnish will serve as a finishing layer. It is convenient to apply dots with dots, and lines with a needle.

Reference: dots is a small stick with one or two ball-like tips. It is used to obtain circles and dots of different diameters. The peculiarity of the tool is that at first it puts large dots, and if you do not update the layer of varnish on the ball, the dots are smaller in diameter.
  1. As with a regular manicure, the nails should be prepped first. The desired shape is corrected with a nail file, the cuticle is not cut off, but pushed back, applying a softening agent.
  2. The natural shine is removed from the nails with a buff file.
  3. After degreasing the plate, a transparent base is applied.
  4. The entire nail is painted with body polish. If desired, choose a bright tone.
  5. After drying, dots are placed with the end of the dots in the selected direction. They can be placed in an arc next to the cuticle, in a vertical or inclined position.
  6. Then lines, segmental arcs are drawn. If desired, you can again position points around which it is easier to draw curved lines.
  7. Finishes with a finishing coat. After it dries, lovers of bright accents are invited to place pebbles and beads.



A mehendi style manicure will look great on both short and long nails.

Features of painting nails in the Indian style

Fans of ethnic motifs and boho style should definitely try mehndi manicure. This type of nail art will make the hands more expressive and eye-catching. It has its own advantages.

  • For applying mehendi, nails of medium length and short are enough. On a long bed, you can place a more expressive pattern.
  • Drawing is done for a day, a week, a month - until you get bored. Then you can try something else or stop at this style, making a more complex image on the nails.
  • Age is not important for Indian art. You can be a teenager, a young girl, or an older woman. And if you believe in oriental predictions, then you should definitely try this type of decoration art in order to try to attract good luck and happiness into your life.

Looking at mehndi patterns, you feel something fabulous and mystical. Feel like an Indian newlywed, a beauty, before whom the stronger sex bows, an outstanding personality who adorned herself with beautiful patterns. Summer is coming, which means that you can show off motifs from South Asia not only on your nails, but also on your body.