How to speed up the growth of nails

Healthy, strong nails are the dream of every girl. If suddenly the tip is broken, then for someone it becomes a real tragedy. And the other lady simply experiences aesthetic inconvenience, wanting to quickly grow her nails of the desired length. What to do? How to help yourself? Let's think about how to satisfy your nail ambitions.


Well-groomed hands testify to noble manners and cleanliness.

How fast do nails grow

The length of the nail increases by 0.1-0.2 mm in 24 hours. It depends on the season (in the summer the process speeds up), the time of day (it slows down during the day), being on the hand (nails grow faster on the middle fingers). In the female, the nail plates are 20% ahead of the growth of the male.

The age limit also matters: after 25 years, all processes in the human body slow down. The excellent condition of the nails, including the increase in length, depends on the quality of nutrition and water balance in the body.

You can help your nails look great and grow back quickly.

What methods are recommended to clients by manicure masters

  • Cosmetics. Companies specializing in the production of products to improve the characteristics of nails offer nourishing oil concentrates, special varnishes. Their role is to strengthen nails and stimulate their growth. This method is very suitable for busy ladies who do not have enough time for natural, home treatments.

Smart enamel

  • Daily massage of the cuticle area will cause new cells to form, resulting in faster nail lengthening. For such a procedure, you do not need to specially allocate time: it is easy to perform it while reading the news on a laptop, watching your favorite programs on TV, talking on the phone.
  • Hot paraffin or wax formulations applied to the nails for 2 hours or more (preferably overnight) will improve the ability of the plates to accumulate nutrients. This will increase blood circulation and oxygen access to the cells.

Home methods for accelerating nail growth

  1. Baths based on water with the addition of sea salt, rosemary or tea tree oil are useful to do at least 2 times a week.
  2. Water relaxation with the addition of soda or 5% iodine.
  3. Honey, coconut, egg masks that need to be kept for up to 40 minutes after application. Honey is a storehouse of trace elements, and an egg is a natural protein product.
  4. Overnight masks with herbal and calcium based toothpaste. The paste hardens, forming an impermeable layer, under which the absorption of nutrients takes place.
  5. Lemon pulp, into which the nails are immersed for 3-5 minutes, will allow you to get vitamin C. The composition of lemon, olive oil and red pepper has a good effect on the length.
  6. Gelatin, as a source of collagen, will also have a positive effect on the strength and growth of nails.

The effect of nutrition on nail growth


You can additionally take pharmacy vitamins, but most of them enter the body with food. The following components are necessary for nails: F, Se, Cr, S, Ca, Fe, I, Mg, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B5, B12, B6, A, E, PP, C, D. A significant amount of proteins is important, which, are known to have a positive effect on the condition of bones, muscles, hair and nails.

The ability of nails to grow rapidly depends on the body's content of amino acids, B vitamins. They are found in green vegetables and fruits, parsley, dill, spinach, cabbage, green onions, parsnips, germinated grains of cereals, nuts, beans, beans, meat of birds and artiodactyls, dairy products, "live" or tableted yeast, pumpkin, bananas , avocado. Mandatory products in the diet to make jelly, aspic from fish, unsweetened desserts based on jelly.

vitamins in foods

Helpful Tips

When cleaning, cooking, hand washing, be sure to wear protective gloves. You need to purchase them a size larger so that the nails are freely located inside without stretching the material.

Advertising "advice" about nutrient-dense dishwashing liquids is a common publicity stunt designed to gullible customers. The fact that there are splitters of fat molecules is true, the rest is a veiled deception.

There is not much food. When using hand cream, be sure to apply it to the entire area of your fingers.

Do not cut or file your nails before washing your hair or taking a bath. After processing, they may exfoliate a little, and warm water will deepen this negative process.

Pay attention to the presence of whitish spots, longitudinal stripes, deformation of the nails, taking timely measures to restore them, which will reduce the number of broken and thinned nail plates.

Smooth, beautiful nails are the wealth of a woman. Remember, a manicure is an advertisement of your presentability and a lady's desire to look stunning to the tips of her nails! If you are interested in this topic, I am ready to teach you about proper nail care.