How to choose the right eyelash extensions

Unfortunately, fate has not awarded all of us with long, thick, beautiful eyelashes. But it's great that we live in a modern world where eyelash extensions can help eliminate this unfortunate injustice.

At the same time, building up is a huge responsibility, and one wrong move can lead to serious damage. There are a certain number of factors that need to be taken into account before eyelash extensions: from the type and shape of the eyelashes, to the length and proper care afterwards. Today's article aims to help you not get lost on the way to the cherished eyelashes of your dreams :)

naraschivanie resnic, resnicy dlya naraschivaniya

What types of eyelash extensions exist and how to choose the right ones?

The most popular are three types of eyelashes: synthetic, silk, and mink . Initially, only artificial synthetic eyelashes were in use, made from the same material as one-piece false eyelashes. But very soon, both masters and clients noticed that synthetic eyelashes damage natural ones, because it's heavier.

Therefore, the choice of the right material for building should be done based on your natural data.

If you have thick, coarse hair , then synthetic lashes may work for you as natural lashes can provide optimal support. If you have very fair skin , it is likely that your natural lashes are much thinner than others. In this case, I advise you to use at least silk eyelashes, as they are much lighter than synthetic ones. As for mink lashes, it can be used by most girls and can be used to achieve a very natural effect. Girls with naturally very thick eyelashes can also use mink eyelash extensions. Your lashes won't look much longer and thicker, but it will help them look much softer and fluffier. And for owners of very thin, almost imperceptible eyelashes , this is a real salvation, and after extension it will look as natural as possible.

naraschivanie resnic, norkovie resnicy

How to choose the right length and density?

Again, the length and density of the selected lashes should be determined based on the length of your natural lashes.

Most masters agree that eyelash extensions should be no more than 3 mm longer than your natural ones in order to prevent them from weighing down and falling out.

If you have naturally long eyelashes, then it is better to add density, not length. If you still decide to do the opposite, then such long eyelashes will look great for about a week, and after that it will gradually become heavier and “lower” the look down. And there will be no more "...flap your eyelashes and take off" :) Besides, let's be honest, most often such eyelashes look ridiculous and out of place in everyday life. And if you really want extravagance for a special occasion, then you can just use false eyelashes for the evening. As the saying goes, "the sheep are safe and the wolves are full." naraschivanie resnic, long resnicy, kaka narastit resnicy

The most optimal data for extension is for owners of medium length eyelashes. Here you can add length and density to give)

How to choose the right eyelash curl?

One of the criteria when choosing eyelash extensions is the bend . Among the masters, there are several classifications, but most often you can find such letter designations:

kak vibrat izgib resnic, naroschenie resnicy, izgib resnic

J - The most natural curve. This is an option for those girls who naturally have fairly straight eyelashes that point down. When doing eyelash extensions, as I mentioned earlier, it's important to use lashes that resemble a slightly modified version of the client's natural lashes; heavily curled lashes simply won't apply properly to dead-straight lashes. Likewise, if a client has super curly lashes, J-curve lashes will never be extended.

B - straight bend. Most often, such cilia are used for extensions along the outer edge, for girls with naturally straight eyelashes.

L - the eyelash is bent closer to the edge.

C - medium bend. This is my favorite type of lashes, it has a good curl, but not over the top, and which helps to open up the look. In principle, it can even be used on its own if the client has a beautiful curl of her natural lashes. But again, on too straight eyelashes, it cannot be qualitatively extended.

D - strong, "puppet" bend. Be careful in choosing this bend, because it is suitable for extension only for those young ladies who naturally have a strong bend in their eyelashes. Otherwise, instead of beauty, such eyelashes will tickle your eyelid for several days, and then it will begin to fall out just as beautifully.

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How to choose eyelashes depending on the shape of the eyes? Almond shaped eyes. With such a beautiful eye shape, you need to use several types of eyelashes so as not to lose the zest in the look. On the inside of the eyelid, shorter eyelashes should be applied, in the center of the eyelid medium length eyelashes, and gradually increasing the length of the eyelashes towards the outer edge of the eye. All types of lash curls look good on almond-shaped eyes, so the choice will depend only on the data of your natural lashes.

naraschivanie resnic, almond-vidniye glaza

Deep set eyes . With this appearance, the superciliary arches protrude significantly. In order to shorten this distance and open your eyes, you should use longer eyelashes. J and C curves are suitable for this type of eyes. vibor resnic dlya naraschivaniya

Round bulging eyes. It is better to use short eyelashes, slightly increasing their length closer to the outer edge of the eye. Why do I advise shorter eyelash extensions in this case? So that with this kind of eyes, the situation does not turn out when your eyelashes first come in, and then you) The bend in this case is not important, you can use J, B, C, D from 5mm ~ 15mm, the thickness and length of the eyelashes, depending on the natural data of the eyelashes client. naraschivaniye resnic, vipukliye glaza, kaka podobrat resnicy

I hope my information has slightly “opened your eyes” (excuse the pun :)) on the specifics of creating a beautiful, charming look of your dreams. Be realistic in your choice and trust your stylist, because she has much more experience and information, and from the outside it is much easier for her to determine the data of your own eyelashes.