How often to do a manicure

Every little girl dreams of being a princess since childhood. A princess is always the personification of beauty and a certain graceful statuette that everyone loves.

Girls always admire beauty, both external and internal.


Scientists have conducted research to identify what people first pay attention to when they meet. Women and men answered in the same way that the main thing is beauty.

According to scientists, when meeting men, they first of all pay attention to the face and hands of a woman! So, hands for a woman are the main thing. That is, it does not matter where you work and by whom, hands are your business card.


The main decoration of a woman on her hands is the condition and smoothness of her skin. Individuality is manifested in the nails. Here the most individual image can be shown.

That is, you should never forget about a manicure!

Manicure should be done once every 10 days. Because during this time, nails and cuticles grow back. So this is the perfect time to take care of yourself.

True, it all depends on the time for which the nails grow back. There are beauties whose nails grow very quickly. Therefore, in this case, you need to do a manicure more than once a week.

First, consider a classic manicure. That is, a manicure plus nail design with a simple varnish. That is, the nails are trimmed and varnished. This is what our mothers and grandmothers did.

The peculiarity of the classic manicure is that it was necessary to wait 30 minutes for the varnish to dry well and consolidate. However, unfortunately this was short-lived, because the varnish peels off very easily for a woman who works at home. Therefore, the durability of such beauty was a maximum of 3 days.

The main disadvantage of conventional manicure is its fragility and easy damage. The woman becomes helpless in this case. That is, he chooses either beautiful nails, or hard dirty work around the house. There are fans of just this type of manicure, that is, they are representatives who are fans of naturalness in everything.

The modern world is constantly being updated and developed. Not all women had good and healthy nails, but everyone has a desire to be beautiful. Therefore, mankind invented such a cool thing as gel polish . This is a perfect and good invention. Because now all women and young girls have been able to become good.

Gel nails are a cool and necessary thing.


Advantages of gel manicure:

  1. Durability compared to classic manicure
  2. The ability to do different housework without fear of damaging your nails.
  3. The desire to have the length of nails that you want (extension).

If you have helium nails, then you need to do a manicure every 2 weeks. It is recommended to rest your nails after 4 coat changes, i.e. after about 8 weeks of wearing gel nails.

gelevye nails

Arrange fasting days for your nails, saturate them with oils, strengthen them with various herbs, and feed them with iodine.

To give nails a rest, or not, is the choice of every girl. So love your hands, be beautiful and queen of your life. Remember that everything depends on us! The main thing is to choose your type of manicure and always be beautiful and well-groomed!!!