Hot question: Well-sharpened manicure tools

Well-sharpened, sharp manicure tools are the most important aspect of the correct and productive work of a manicurist. Even a brilliant knowledge of the secrets and subtleties of the perfect manicure will not help if you use low-quality, dull tools in your work. Therefore, I have a “ripe” topical topic, and I will be happy to share information with you :)

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How to understand that the tool of your master is sufficiently and correctly sharpened?

Of course, first of all, you should pay attention to the appearance of the instrument. A quality tool should be free of nicks, scratches, stains, soot. And the cutting edge should look uniform, as the saying goes, sharp even in appearance. The tools used by the manicurist must be safe for both the client and himself. If the master uses wire cutters, then it should open and close evenly, without much effort. If during the closing of the nippers you hear clicks (not related to cutting nails), then such a tool will become dull very soon. Also, the wire cutters should not be "loose". The halves of the joint should be pressed tightly against each other. sustav instrumenta, kusachki dlya manicura, manicur, instrumenti dlya manicura In the case of scissors, it should always be sharply sharpened, with smooth, tightly closing blades, most often it is made of medical steel. You will immediately feel how well the scissors are sharpened, by the ease with which the master will cut your cuticle. If the cutting parts of the scissors become dull, then one or two days after the manicure, the cuticle will begin to “fringe” and cause you considerable discomfort.

How often should the tool be sharpened?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. After all, it depends on many factors: proper operation , the quality of the tool and, of course the quality of sharpening .

The harder the metal from which the tool is made, the less often it needs to be sharpened.

If the tool is in the “right” experienced hands, then such a tool can do without sharpening from about a year to two . Of course, it should be borne in mind that there is a big difference between using a tool for a home manicure, and using it by a master with a stream of clients. Some masters, with too active work, sharpen it once a month . zatochka instrumenta, ostrie instrumenty dlya manicura If you follow certain rules , you can significantly extend the life of the tool:

  • It is necessary to exclude self-sharpening of the tool, using improvised means;
  • Use the tool exactly as intended.
I often hear stories from colleagues when the master went away for a short time, and when she returned, she saw a damaged tool, as the client independently took scissors and cut not the burrs, but the nails. After that, the master needs to carry the tool to the sharpener. Do not cut nails with cuticle scissors, because the structure of the nail is much harder than the cuticle.
  • Timely sharpen tools from a professional - a master sharpener with experience;
  • To protect against mechanical damage, keep the instrument in a case or case. The contact of tools with each other affects the premature blunting of the cutting edge; futlyar dlya kusachek, futlyar dlya instrumentov manicura
  • I do not recommend using the home “boiling” method to sterilize the instrument; for this, it is better to contact the master or a beauty salon. When boiling, metal corrosion occurs and it becomes dull;
  • After use, it is imperative to rinse and dry the tool and periodically lubricate with oil. Special attention should be paid to the joint of the instrument.
  • Be careful when using disinfectant solutions: if you systematically violate the time the instruments are in the solution, this can provoke premature blunting of the cutting elements and corrosion of the metal.

In addition to everything, I want to remind you that the tools for the work of a manicurist and their maintenance in proper form is not something worth saving on, because in this way you save on yourself.