hair growth rate

Did you know that hair grows on all parts of the body except the feet, hands, eyelids, navel and lips? But what determines the growth rate of these same hairs, and what is the reason for its difference in different parts of the body? Today you will learn about it!

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Have you ever wondered why arm hair stays a certain length no matter what? Why is it so difficult to quickly grow a chic head of hair, while you have to get rid of the hair on your legs at an accelerated pace? This is one of the mysteries of our body, which science still unraveled. Hair grows in tiny "pockets" called follicles, from roots that are made up of keratin and protein cells. Proteins are fed from the blood vessels, and thus stimulate the appearance of hair.

New hair cells are formed inside the follicle, and in the process of growth it pushs out the old cells from the follicle. It is in the process of this “pressure” that old cells die and turn into the hair that we see. The follicles will produce new cells over a period of time, depending on where it is situated on your body. This period is called the growth phase. Then the growth stops for a while and goes into the rest phase, and then restarts and enters the growth phase with renewed vigor.

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Types of body hair

Body hair is designed to protect your skin and help regulate body temperature, which is why it grows almost everywhere. The type of hair that grows on most of the body surface is vellus hairrost volos, skorost rosta volos, dlina volos, pushkovie volosi

It is thin, soft, and more transparent, hair, in comparison with another type - long hair . "Long" is the name of the species, and this name is due to the fact that such hair can grow much longer in length than their "colleagues". Long hair grows from large follicles and is coarser and more pigmented than vellus hair. This is hair growing on the head, eyebrows, pubis, and armpits. In men, long hair also grows on the face and chest. When baldness occurs, it is actually the process of turning long hair into vellus. rost volos na tele, skorost rosta volos, oblisenie

Also, another subspecies are bristly hair .

hair growth rate

Different types of hair grow at different rates. Bristly and long hair usually grows faster than vellus hair, although this rule does not apply in the case of eyebrows and eyelashes. Hair on the head grows on average by 0.37 mm per day, but it all depends on age, as well as your individual indicators, and especially nutrition. Science has proven that people who consume a large amount of protein in their diet are more likely to turn to a hairdresser and depilation master :) dieta dlya rosta volos, belkovaya pischa Most body hair grows by an average of 0.27 mm per day. Again, this varies from person to person. The eyelash/eyebrow growth rate fluctuates around 0.16 mm/day. Men's beard hair grows much faster, by about 0.38 mm/day. Pubic and axillary hair grows almost as fast as scalp hair, but scalp hair growth slows down with age. rost volos, skorost rosta volos

Hair on the arms, legs, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows have a very short active growth phase, only about 30-45 days. Scientists have also found a difference in the rate of hair growth between representatives of different races. For example, Asian hair grows fast, while African hair grows much slower. skorost rosta volos

The average hair growth rate for Asian girls is almost 16 centimeters per year, and for African women only 10, while the hair of Caucasian girls grows about 13 centimeters per year.

How to slow down hair growth

In the modern world of minimalism, many people want to slow down the growth of body hair (of course, the exceptions are the hair on the head and eyebrows, we are happy to grow them :)). Therefore, there is a high demand for products that promise to slow down hair growth, or, as it's also called, inhibitors. These can be creams, lotions or sprays, whose creators claim that the hair will grow much more slowly after using them, and, as a rule, are applied after depilation or plucking.

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However, these products, in most cases, do not work. Hair will continue to grow at its usual rate, excluding fluctuations during hormonal cycles (i.e. puberty, menopause). Unfortunately, there is no way to slow down the rate at which hair grows. Clients often notice that after waxing, hair “regrows much more slowly” than after shaving. In fact, the difference is that the wax removes the hairs from the root, and not just "cuts" it. Thus, it will take much longer before we see hair on the surface of the skin. But this has nothing to do with the use of special tools. At the same time, as I said a little higher, researchers have found a connection between our nutrition and hair growth. So, if protein-rich foods are useful for hair growth, then doctors advise eating more soy products to slow down growth, as it helps balance the male hormones androgens in the body.

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And also drink more mint tea. Drink the tea twice a day for several weeks to slow down hair growth. chay dlya zamedleniya rosta volos

No matter what hair growth rate you are, the main thing is to be able to take care of what nature has given us! Be beautiful and happy! :)