Gel for eyebrows

If you've been working hard growing thick brows like Cara Delevingne's, then my post today will be just right for you! After all, we will talk about the ideal assistant in taming unruly hairs - eyebrow gel.

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Eyebrow gel gives the final shape to the image, because it arranges unruly hairs. As a rule, gels are produced in a package that is very similar to mascara, with the same convenient brush. This is why the gel is sometimes referred to as "brow mascara" .

But be aware: using mascara on your brows will not give you the same results.

Brow gels are specially formulated so it doesn't build up or stick like you would if you decide to apply regular hair gel on your brows, which I certainly don't recommend. Eyebrow gels are transparent or tinted. Clear gels are perfect for those born with naturally thick brows who just need a little shaping. Transparent brow gel can be applied over a cosmetic pencil if you are used to shading your eyebrows with it.

gel dlya brovey, prozrachniy gel dlya brovey

But tint gels will help accentuate light eyebrows.

svetliy gel dlya brovey, gel dlya brovey

When I first tried the tinted brow gel, it was a pleasant discovery for me. Eyebrow pencils or wax are all good, but I often noticed that when using a pencil, my eyebrows looked too defined and I was not always able to not overdo it. But tint gels are ideal for filling small bald spots, and give the eyebrows a natural and not too "geometric" look. If you have thin and sparse eyebrows, using an eyebrow pencil will most likely achieve only a drawn effect. This is why I love tint gels; it adds volume and color to the eyebrows without making brows look unnatural

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Who needs brow mascara

If you have eyebrows, you can already use it :) It doesn't matter what color your eyebrows are, thin or thick - use the gel to strengthen your eyebrows, or as a finishing touch to your makeup. For people with sensitive skin, there are a number of brands that offer brow gels with all-natural ingredients.

Why I recommend using brow gel

It corrects the color: manufacturers produce brow gels in different shades, so it's easy to choose the one that will best suit your wishes - add warmth to ashy tones, darken a few shades for a more dramatic look or vice versa slightly lighten and give lightness. In the summer, when the eyebrows fade a little in the sun, the use of a tint gel will be especially relevant. It holds its shape: gels are now available with a longer lasting formula, so your brows will look neat all day long.

Some gels even have a waterproof effect, which will especially appeal to those who like to dive on vacation, but at the same time come out of the water like Aphrodite :) It adds volume: this is the most important thing! The gel contains tiny micro-fibers that adhere to the skin and hairs, creating natural fullness and definition. It looks much more natural than drawing the missing hairs with a pencil. As for the owners of very thick eyebrows, there is no need to worry that the gel will make it visually even thicker, on the contrary, it can be used to “tame” unruly hairs.

The gel has been a lifesaver for me! Between visits to my depilation master, when the eyebrows were already in need of correction, the hairs grew in different directions and looked very sloppy. And the gel helped shape it! – Anya, 27, Kiev

gel dlya brovey, kak vibrat gel dlya brovey

How to apply eyebrow gel

Before you start, lightly wrap the brush with a tissue to avoid putting extra clumps of product on your brows. There are two ways to apply brow gel: In one direction: this is the most standard way, starting from the inner tip of the eyebrow and moving to the outer edge, just comb the hairs with light short strokes. Volume Technique: Starting at the tip of the eyebrow, comb the hairs in the opposite direction of hair growth, moving towards the beginning of the eyebrow. Then move in the opposite direction, but with the help of very light touches, just to “comb” the eyebrows a little without losing the resulting volume. Repeat as many times as needed to achieve the desired effect.

Tip: For extra volume, let the product dry for half a minute before going "second round". This will help create the basis for volume.

My conclusion: brow gel is a simple yet highly effective remedy. In addition, the prices for this beauty product are also very affordable. So do not deny the pleasure of pleasing your eyebrows and thereby improve their appearance.