Feather eyebrows: wildness or the next must-have?

Eyebrows occupy one of the leading positions in accentuating the face. It will take a lot of time, effort and patience to become the owner of thick, beautiful, silky eyebrows, which have been an unshakable attribute of grooming for several seasons.

And when we finally got the long-awaited bushy eyebrows - makeup artists decided to test our willingness to make sacrifices in the name of beauty with a new trend - feather-brows . Let's figure out what kind of marvel it is, and whether we can flutter on our eyebrows. :)

eyebrows perya s siney tushyu

The pioneer of feather-eyebrows was 19-year-old makeup artist from Finland Stella Sironen . She uploaded a photo of herself to Instagram, which showed off oddly shaped eyebrows.

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No, you won't have to pluck the poor birds and attach false feathers to yourself :) The illusion of a feather is created by dividing the eyebrows in the middle, with a horizontal parting. So that the hairs do not lose their shape, Stella used a glue stick (already sounds scary, doesn't it?).

The beauty post instantly gained wild popularity, more than 50,000 likes and 3,000 comments, and divided beauty lovers into two camps: “by no means” and “very even for”. Sironen didn't expect her "feathers" to spread like a virus. In another Instagram post, she admitted that the original idea was just to amuse the people, and on her part it was nothing more than a joke. However, she is grateful that her eyebrows did not deprive her of attention and the trend took root, and also thanked those fans who have already tried the image on themselves and posted a photo with the hashtag #featherbrow . One of the subscribers tried to repeat the image of Stella, but the result reminded her more of "hairy worms." brovi perya, novie trendy krasoti, still 2017, trendi brovey 2017

Eyebrows-spikelets appealed even to some "especially stylish" men:

muzskie brovi perya, novie trendi brovey, stili brovey 2017

Stella and her friend Leevi came up with the idea quite by accident, one Sunday evening, when Leevi started combing Sironen's eyebrows with a brush.

Suddenly, she burst out laughing. When I looked at myself through the front camera of the phone, I understood everything. She parted my eyebrows and it looked wildly funny... and we laughed about it all night.

Sironen decided to cheer up the others as well, and the next day she took a glue stick to fix the shape and separated them again. Stella shaded some of the hairs with eye-catching blue mascara and posted a photo of the creation on Instagram. Popularity has another side, Stella began to receive negative comments. They were not at all flattering about her appearance, eyebrows, professional qualities, and the means that she uses.

This surprised me, as many beauty bloggers put up funny video tutorials and put on funny makeup. But my post was taken too seriously...

brovi perya, novie stili brovey

Of course, this is not an image for every day, plus there is one more small nuance to everything: only "bushy-browed" young ladies can embody this image. Therefore, I fully understand why opinions regarding this trend are so divided. But whether her post was intended as a joke or not, Stella is actually happy about the uproar surrounding her particular brow style.

It's strange that there is an art to eye makeup, lips, contouring, etc., and eyebrows have remained untouched for many years. I sincerely hope this has inspired makeup artists to explore the art of brow shaping and allow them to experiment more!

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For or against - it's up to you. On the other hand, if you don't like it, no one forces you to try it on yourself. In the end, this is just a temporary look that you can easily change by just combing your eyebrows again with a brush. But if you still decide, make sure that you use products that are safe for the skin (glue stick still has no place in a cosmetic bag).