False nails: hello from the past

A couple of decades ago, almost all girls were crazy about this beauty discovery. But is it worth living in the past, and is there a chance for this product to return to its former glory? Let's get nostalgic and talk today about false nails .

nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

When I was 14, I finally grew long nails. I spent so much time taking care of it, and I was immensely happy because I had healthy natural nails. It was long and beautiful. I wore it for about a week, and just before the biggest event of the year, I broke my nail. In the 90s, long, luxurious nails were a big trend, so at the time I thought it was the worst thing that could happen to me. It was necessary to find a quick and easy solution. Therefore, in the course went, gaining popularity, false nails. I bought a standard set of transparent nails for that time, which I ended up having to paint as well.

nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

If we take into account the fact that I was only 14, and at that time I did not yet possess manicure skills, then in principle the result was quite tolerable (as it seemed to me). And I boldly and confidently went with my “fashionable” manicure to the event. But, unfortunately, already in the middle of the evening I first lost one nail, unsuccessfully clinging to the jacket, and by the end of the evening two more, trying to put on shoes.

nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

So my first acquaintance with false nails took place. It was then that I realized that, most likely, friendship will not work out between us :) . And, to be honest, over the years my opinion has not changed much. Even stranger to me is the use of fake nails these days, with so many better, more affordable alternatives to choose from. But first things first. To begin with, let's remember what it is, and how to properly glue false nails. After all, I'm sure there are readers of my blog who have never encountered this attribute of the 90s :) nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

So, false nails are full nails that you can buy pre-designed and simply stick this on your natural nails with special glue. It is usually made of plastic, and according to the manufacturer, it can last about a couple of weeks, depending on how good the glue is, how actively you work with your hands, and depending on how it was applied from the beginning (for example, if such a nail is stuck to the skin around the natural nail, then there is a high probability that it will quickly fall off - the glue is not designed to adhere the nail to the skin ).

nakladnie nogti, vidy nakladnih nogtey

At the moment, there is still a large selection of manufacturers, types and designs of false nails. Most often you can see on sale short false nails. And on some sites you can even order hand-painted false nails. It's usually painted with nail polish with a top coat applied to protect the finish. rospis nakladnih nogtey, nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

Of course, one of the biggest perks of hand painting is that you can order any color or design you want. But frankly, for me, such orders are generally strange, because you will spend much more time waiting for the delivery of such nails than going to the salon to an experienced master who can make you the same drawing, and which you can still correct in the process of application. In addition, the price of high-quality false nails is not much less than the services of a manicurist. Another disadvantage is that most false nails do not match the shape of real nails by 100%, so most often they will still have to be “customized” to the desired shape and length (again, a waste of time).

nakladnie nogti, iskusstvennie nogti

And forget about baking - these nails are very susceptible to heat , and can easily melt when you want to check if your favorite cake is ready. By the way, acrylic extensions are also included in the subcategory of false nails. But even despite the huge amount of information in various sources about the dangers of such a manicure, there is still a demand for this procedure. Most of the masters have switched to using the gel when building up, since it is less harmful to the nail plate, and its components are less allergenic. gelevie nogti, naraschivanie gelem

So who are fake nails for?

Oddly enough, one of the interesting benefits of false nails is their help in the fight against the bad habit of nail biting. More and more often you can find children's false nails on sale.

nakladnie nogti, detskie nakladnie nogti

Such nails are much tougher than usual and the bad habit automatically disappears over time. This is probably one of the few reasons why the false nail industry is still in demand.

detskie nakladnie nogti

To use false nails or not, of course, you decide. But the beauty industry does not stand still and every year offers us more and more interesting and safe options for improving our manicure. And it would not be entirely wise to take a step into the past :)