Face without eyebrows - beauty is a terrible force

Instagram is always distinguished by the introduction of new creative ideas for changing appearance to the masses. Completely shaved or bleached eyebrows were no exception. But is this trend so new, or has a face devoid of eyebrows come to us from the past? So what are they, unusual eyebrows.

browi, sbritye brovi, brovi bez cveta, bescvetnye brovi Origin roots

Even the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt shaved off their eyebrows, however, in those days it could not be called a fashionable trend. Rather, it was part of a ritual, a mourning ritual. This will seem wild to many, but in those days, all the inhabitants of the house in which the cat died had to shave off their eyebrows. This animal was sacred to the Egyptians.

Hikimayu in ancient Japan

The amazing techniques of this traditional Japanese make-up gained particular popularity in the 8th century. It is believed that this is directly related to the beginning of the use of bright pigments and whites in cosmetology of that time. Initially, shaving had a purely practical purpose. On a clean-shaven face, it was easier to apply a thick layer of powder. Eyebrows were removed completely by several. browi, sbritye brovi, brovi bez cveta, bescvetnye brovi

Europe in the Middle Ages

Missing eyebrows also came to the court of the European elite of the Middle Ages. And the world-famous painting "Mona Lisa" is a vivid evidence of this. She is the personification of the beauty of that time - a high forehead and missing eyebrows. By the way, it was the need for a high forehead that became the reason that they began to expand it not only from above, raising the hair, but also from below - shaving off the eyebrows.

At the same time, this fashion rule applied equally to both women and men. Such is the beauty without any gender boundaries. And this beauty lasted in European countries from the 15th to the 16th century. browi, sbritye brovi, brovi bez cveta, bescvetnye brovi

Our times

Do not think that only Instagram was able to bring back the fashion for bald and bleached eyebrows. Not at all. It all started much earlier and the history of eyebrows has seen a lot - already in the 20s, Marlene Dietrich turned her eyebrows into thin threads, however, she did not completely remove them from her face. Which, however, did Sophia Loren 40 years later. She shaved off her eyebrows completely and in their place drew smooth beautiful strokes, which was the beginning of the movement of drawing eyebrows and subsequently tattooing.

Further in the movement "Yes to bald eyebrows!" many subcultures entered, one of the most active supporters were the cybergoths, who declared themselves in the late 90s.

Today's trends

Further, with the help of the same Instagram, it became clear that there is no limit to human fantasy. For example, Jazzel, who not only shaved off her eyebrows, but also the hair on her head. But now she can draw or stick a star map, graphic lines or rhinestones instead of eyebrows.

Yes, and no less famous Jenna Marbles with her sadness eyebrows, evil eyebrows and adidas eyebrows.

Discoloration tendency

But, in order to try yourself in the role of a "man without eyebrows" it is not necessary to take such drastic measures as shaving. To begin with, it will be quite enough just to lighten them. The first sign of this idea manifested itself after the release of the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). In 2014, Givenchy showed Cara Deleneuville with completely whitened eyebrows at his show. in 2018, Alexander Wang outdid everyone and showed the world a whole group of “eyebrowless” models. browi, sbritye brovi, brovi bez cveta, bescvetnye brovi

Then the trend was picked up by the fashion house Chanel, which showed Kristen Stewart in Seoul with bleached eyebrows.

What is the feature

Cardinal changes in appearance always speak of a person's strongest desire for self-expression. The desire to speak clearly against the background of the gray mass of the crowd sometimes pushes for bold, and sometimes crazy ideas.

So is shaving and lightening the eyebrows. Without a doubt, it may suit some people, while others, on the contrary, will look like actors prepared to shoot a horror movie without makeup. browi, sbritye brovi, brovi bez cveta, bescvetnye brovi

So it's probably better to just bleach them before shaving off your brows completely. Moreover, this will allow, if desired, to paint them in bright colors and get orange, green, pink or even multi-colored eyebrows.

So, of course, it's up to you to decide. Or maybe natural eyebrows are most suitable for your face shape and it’s enough just to choose the right shape for them ? Share your thoughts in the comments.