Eyelash extension options: classic, 2D, 3D

Most women don't have enough time and patience to apply false eyelashes every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years.

But how not to get lost in such a variety of extension options, and what these mysterious designations 2D, 3D, 4D mean ... Today's article will help you figure it out. naraschivanie resnic, obyemnoe naraschivanie, 3d naraschivanie

The volume of eyelash extensions may vary depending on individual wishes and the natural characteristics of your eyelashes. Proceeding from this, the designations of the degree of volume appeared, the same “classic”, “2D”, “3D”, and so on. At the moment, the level of "glamour" eyelashes stopped at around 9D!!! vidy resnic dlya naraschivaniya

What is the difference between a volume extension and a regular one?

Classic extension is a method when 1 artificial eyelash is glued to 1 natural one. This method is also known as 1:1. The classic version is ideal for girls who have a lot of their own eyelashes, but there is a desire to add a little more length and volume. Classic lashes look the most natural. klassicheskoe naraschivanie resnic. vidy naraschivaniya resnic

Volume extension - when several artificial cilia are attached to one natural one. If two eyelashes are attached to one natural, then this type of extension is positioned as 2D, if three artificial eyelashes are glued to 1 natural, then this is 3D, etc.

naraschivanie resnic, vidy naraschivaniya resnic, 3d naraschivanie

Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and open up the look. These lashes are perfect for clients who don't have a lot of their own lashes, have bald patches, or who just want a more dramatic look without the need for thicker heavy lashes. The founder of the volume eyelash extension method is a master from Moscow Irina Levchuk, and this method is also known abroad as "Russian volume" . For this type of extension, eyelashes are used that are much thinner than with the classical extension method (for classic, a diameter of 0.07 mm is usually used). Such eyelashes are much lighter than classic ones. One (3D) bundle of volume lashes weighs less than one classic lash extension. In addition, much less glue is used with the volumetric technique, so you do not feel any weight on your eyes. You just enjoy beautiful fluffy eyelashes.

vidy resnic, 3d naraschivanie resnic

“3D eyelashes are the future of eyelash extensions. Unlike old-school false lashes, which are difficult to apply and cannot be worn for more than a few days, 3D lashes look natural and can be worn for up to three months from the current extension,” says Levchuk.


Caring for voluminous eyelashes is simple, and does not differ from care after the classic extension option. If maintained properly, lashes can last a couple of months. Of course, the masters advise to come for a correction every 3 weeks, but not everyone has such an opportunity. If you can't leave it intact and use makeup, you can help your lashes last longer by avoiding water and oily products. Also, absolutely all masters do not recommend using mascara , since voluminous eyelashes are already spectacular in themselves, and applying mascara can damage it and speed up the need for correction. In the next video, you can see how amazing the 3D extension looks.


Whatever option you choose for eyelash extensions, the most important thing in this business is to give preference to a proven professional master!