Eyebrow tattoo or lamination - which is better

Every woman strives to make her appearance perfect. And this can not do without the correction of the shape of the eyebrows. It is their expressiveness and well-chosen contours that can radically transform the appearance, making it cute and attractive.

brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej The centuries-old history of eyebrows has repeatedly changed the fashion for their shape. In order not to waste time on the daily “beautifying” of the eyebrows, women go to the beauty salon to get their eyebrows tattooed or laminated. What are these procedures, how do they differ and can any of them be called the best? Let's dwell on all these issues in more detail.


It is called a new trend in cosmetology. The use of this method allows the masters of beauty salons to give the right direction to even the most naughty eyebrows.

The advantages of lamination are deservedly considered:

  • Fixation of the ideal shape of the eyebrows;
  • Integrity of the skin and hair structure;
  • Eyebrow protection from aggressive external environment;
  • The ability to strengthen, moisturize and restore the structure of the hair;
  • Possibility of coloring in the desired shade;
  • Preservation of the natural appearance of the eyebrows;
  • No need for additional care;
  • Instant result.

On average, it will take an hour and a half to complete the procedure. Before lamination, the eyebrows and the surrounding skin are degreased. For this, cosmetologists use certain tonics. brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej

After cleaning, the skin and eyebrows are treated with a composition based on thioglycolic acid. It is she who gives the hairs softness and obedience.

After 40 minutes, a laminating mixture is applied to the eyebrows. After that, if desired, you can apply paint on the eyebrows. At the end of the procedure, the result is fixed with a composition containing keratin.

The effect of lamination lasts for 6 weeks, and with proper care even longer. Lamination is best suited for thin eyebrows that are difficult to style, coarse and unruly hair in light shades.

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • The risk of allergic reactions;
  • The impossibility of performing the procedure during pregnancy and lactation;
  • Contraindications for damaged skin.

Also, with the help of lamination, it is impossible to solve the issue with sparse eyebrows, change their natural bend, change the shape of the brow arches. Also, lamination will not hide scars on the skin.


Tattooing is considered the best way to make eyebrows perfect. Its effect is persistent. Masters of beauty salons use several options for tattooing. brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej

For example, powder eyebrows are performed by introducing pigment particles into the top layer of the skin. Shading is performed without sharp transitions. Eyebrows take on a well-groomed appearance, transitions are completely invisible in shading. Soft application of the coloring composition does not leave clear contours. Powder eyebrows will help:

  • Give too light eyebrows a dark shade;
  • Hide scars and scars;
  • Hide the consequences of a previous failed tattoo.

This type of tattoo is not suitable for dark eyebrows. brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej

The wax technique is ideal when the eyebrows are sparse. Then the masters, carefully drawing each hair, give the eyebrows naturalness.

Some masters prefer a combined technique that combines powder and wax methods.

The benefits of tattooing can be safely considered:

  • No need for daily makeup;
  • Make-up does not "float" in the rain or in the pool;
  • Even just waking up you will look at 100%.

Most of all, tattooing is suitable for ladies whose eyebrows are faded or partially absent. brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej

But, like all other cosmetic procedures, tattooing is not without its drawbacks. These primarily include:

  • The monotony of the image - it will be possible to change the image only after 2 years, after the previous paint has come off;
  • Removing a tattoo with a laser method takes a lot of time. It will take 1.5 months (several sessions) to completely remove the paint;
  • The procedure is quite painful, local anesthesia is required;
  • The saturation of colors fades over time;
  • Tattoo requires periodic adjustments.

In addition, the recovery period takes a week of time, during which the peeling of the crusts gradually passes. Under no circumstances should you rip them off yourself. At this time, your appearance will not be particularly presentable and you will have to be in crowded places as little as possible. brows, korrekcija brovej, laminirovanie brovej, tatuazh brovej

What's better

Of course, the choice between lamination and tattooing is a purely personal matter. But, as it became clear from our article, lamination is not suitable for owners of rare eyebrows and will not help to hide scars, if necessary.

At the same time, in order to perform eyebrow tattooing, it is necessary to finally decide on their shape, since it will be very, very difficult to remove the tattoo. But, in any case, in order for the eyebrows to be beautiful and natural, you need to contact professionals.

Have you tried to radically change your appearance using one of the above methods? Share your impressions in the comments.