Eyebrow piercing - a tribute to fashion or a crazy idea

Extraordinary fashion ideas sometimes seem strange, and sometimes even look terrifying. This fully applies to eyebrow piercing.

And if one or two punctures still look more or less original, then eyebrows completely filled with metal balls-rings-chains look, frankly, somewhat terrifying.


Unusual eyebrow enhancements are especially popular among young people. The main thing is not to try to do the piercing yourself. Only a specialist should deal with this matter. But, before you perform the procedure, you should decide how exactly the new jewelry should look and choose the right shape for the eyebrows.

Varieties of piercing

Eyebrow jewelry can not only significantly change the appearance, but also tell a lot about its "owner". There are four types of performance:

  1. Vertical.
  2. Horizontal.
  3. Anti-eyebrow piercing.
  4. Bridge.

There are, of course, even extreme options, where not only eyebrows are involved.

pirsing, piercing on the brows, prokolotye brows, antibrov'

Let's dwell on each of them in more detail.


A somewhat extravagant and no doubt original puncture is formed through the entire eyebrow. As a decoration, a rod with clamps at the ends is ideal. The shape of the clamps can be very different - balls, spikes, flowers, animal figures. This is purely a matter of personal taste. The disadvantage of this piercing option is that many people think that such an ornament often clings to clothes. This is especially noticeable in the first time after the puncture, when such a painful "clinging" prevents the healing and regeneration of eyebrow tissue. https://pilochka.ua/kak-vybrat-formu-browj/


In this case, the specialist pierces the eyebrow in a horizontal direction, following the natural line of hair growth. The same rod is most often used as decorations. Recently, microdermal has become increasingly popular. It is quite difficult to perform such a puncture. Therefore, an experienced specialist should be engaged in this matter. https://pilochka.ua/kak-vybrat-formu-browj/


This type of facial modification is considered one of the most unusual. The highlight is that the puncture is performed under the eyeball on both sides of the face, thus, it turns out such a mirror reflection under the eye. pirsing, piercing on the brows, prokolotye brows, antibrov'


The technology for performing this piercing is similar to the technology of the horizontal version. Not all cosmetologists are inclined to attribute the bridge to the eyebrows. Many continue to consider it a nose piercing. The procedure is performed in the upper part of the nose at the level of the eyeballs. It happens both one and two-sided. It occurs, though much less often, and a vertical puncture of the bridge. As a decoration, a rod, double rod or microdermals are used. pirsing, piercing on the brows, prokolotye brows, antibrov'

How is it performed

In order to get a piercing, you need to contact a beauty salon. Only a piercer (piercing master) will be able to choose the right point for the upcoming puncture without harming your body. When performing the procedure, sterility is very important.

Depending on your wishes, the piercing can be done live or under local anesthesia. Many, of course, prefer the second option. After wiping your skin, your hands and tools with special solutions for disinfection, the master gets to work. With a well-performed piercing, the wound heals for about a month.

Piercing Jewelry

Picking up piercing jewelry in the ocean of assortment of jewelry stores is not difficult at all. Here you can choose any option to your taste. Bars - bananas or ordinary bars, rings, rings with clasps made in the form of balls - there are no limits to fantasy. As for the materials of manufacture, here, of course, it is best to use gold, teflon or titanium. choice is a matter of personal preference and wallet size.

So is it worth it to pierce your eyebrows and change your appearance so drastically, maybe shaved stripes will be enough to stand out from the crowd? Or is it better not to risk it, because, as you know, eyebrow piercing is fraught with rather unpleasant consequences. But this is a topic for a separate article.