Eyebrow arrows

An unusual make-up - arrows on the eyebrows, is rapidly gaining popularity. He firmly replaced the trendy eyebrows - feathers and did not go unnoticed. Colored arrows, bright stripes and a stroke of the sharp end of the eyebrow - with these eye-catching accents, your look will definitely be extraordinary.

How did the arrows for the brows appear

It is important that such an unusual reception at the make-up artist of the United States Oleksi Link. These arrows immediately became mega popular and caused the appearance of rich variations on this theme. Before speech, for the creation of stylish and bright arrows, vicorist is no less than obvious olive oil and water, but such exotic for arrows is like lipstick. For arrows, take a rare lipstick, so that if you hang on the skirts all day long.

Ale is the best vicorist for the creation of beautiful arrows on the eyebrows of rare liners. So the make-up will be clearer and more graphic. The arrows on the eyebrows look original with a slight smoke effect. Rostushovka needs to be drawn on the outer and inner sides, while the arrows themselves are responsible for preserving the clarity of the forms.

Drawing arrows on the eyebrows

All women, as if they took arrows on their eyebrows, or in a non-dominant part of their image, are zishtovhuyutsya with one and the same problem - to create a stylish original image, it is necessary to stain the sing of the hour. Until that day, the arrows on the eyebrows are constantly needed:

  • control;
  • promalovuvati dodatkovo;
  • add color.

For an average lichen, the rank procedure takes approximately one hour. Tse sche plus an hour, staining for the correction of make-up for a long day. It is possible, rather, to choose for yourself the option of tattooing and, for three hours, indulge yourself in the event of the necessary need to apply arrows on the eyebrows and vії.

It’s true, varto shows that such a way of smearing arrows can have its own shortcomings. So, after getting a tattoo, you can’t easily change yoga, because the shape of the arrows on the eyebrows on the coming day will no longer suit you.

So, dear women, think carefully about it, as if it’s easier for you to put arrows on your eyebrows, obviously, give us your photographs in the comments.