Extremely long nails

Each of us has our own preferences and hobbies. But sometimes the usual things go beyond. Today I will tell you about a woman who turned her manicure into a manic addiction.

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The heroine of my today's article is 54-year-old Larue Drummond - the mother of four children and the grandmother of eight grandchildren. Great popularity came to Larya and her nails after the release of the TV show with her participation, in which people with various strange addictions are looking for a mate. But the audience was more interested not in her love story, but in her 35-centimeter nails, which instantly catch the eye.

dlinnie nogti, extrimalnie nogti, extrimalno dlinnie nogti, dlinnyschie nogti


Larue began to carefully grow her nails at the age of 13, as an escape from the obsessive habit of biting her nails. According to her, everything changed when she met a woman with long nails in a supermarket, she told her that if you take care of your nails initially, then in the future it will take care of you . She stopped biting her nails and started growing her length. Eight years ago, as a big fan of nail art, LaRue decided to stop clipping her nails entirely, and by her calculations spent approximately $20,000 in total to maintain her nails in the desired shape. dlinnie nogti, extrimalnie nogti, extrimalno dlinnie nogti, dlinnyschie nogti

Very long nails at home

Of course, most people are very curious about how Ms. Drummond manages everyday tasks with her long nails, but she insists that she cooks and does other ordinary things with ease. domashnie dela s dlinnimi nogtyami, dlinnie nogti, extrimalnie nogti, extrimalno dlinnie nogti

Everywhere I go, people stop me and ask about my nails. But I'm always happy to talk about it. The most frequently asked question is how do I wash myself in the shower. I tell them, “just like you. If you know another way, let me know."

But not everyone is satisfied with her original image.

I notice how people laugh at my manicure. Once upon a time, a woman didn't even want to sit next to me, as if I had a disease or something bad. It really hurt my feelings. But I am me, and I am not ashamed of it. If I break my nail and it can't be fixed, I feel empty. My nails are my babies.

dlinnie nogti, extrimalnie nogti, extrimalno dlinnie nogti, dlinnyschie nogti

Miss Drummond, who, I recall, has eight grandchildren, insists that her long nails do not affect her work as a nanny:

Children are not afraid of my nails - they are delighted. Of course I know their parents, because they are my family, but I am always very careful not to scratch it.

Ms. Drummond, from New Jersey, USA, has decided not to stop there, and wants to continue to grow her nails, however, not allowing this to disturb her usual way of life.

I just need to learn new ways to do things. For example, when I pick up my phone, I press the buttons with my fingers. But, of course, there are many things I can't do on my own. My daughters sometimes help me tie my shoelaces or put on jewelry.

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And the children fully support their mother in her unique style. Here is what one of her daughters says:

Once I tried to grow my nails, but when I realized how long it would take, I got bored. I don't have the patience to sit in a salon for hours. My mother is simply selfless in this matter. She definitely has an obsession with her manicure - now her own children have grown up, and her nails have become her children.

Manicure on very long nails

Larue visits a special manicurist, Maria Ortiz, who creates colorful and attractive designs for women with long nails.

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By the way, Laru's nails are not all the same length:

Sometimes, as the years go by, I get hurtful nail breaks, so it's not all the same length, but that just gives it more character. I named the longest nail on my index finger Miss character because this nail is the only one that curls. In the future, I would like to grow my nails up to 50 centimeters and then see if I can move on.

Currently, Miss Drummond spends up to 12 hours at the nail salon at a time until all of her nails are covered in nail polish and rhinestones. The average cost of one of her visits to the salon costs her about $200. If you are very interested in how the manicure procedure works on such long nails, then the following video will clearly demonstrate this to you. I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart :)


By the way, Laru's story is not the only one, and more and more women, especially in Latin America, have been noticed behind this freak addiction to long nails.

dlinnie nogti, extrimalnie nogti, extrimalno dlinnie nogti, dlinnyschie nogti

Well, to each his own. The main thing is that people should be happy in their hobbies. What do you want :)