Edible varnish: a manicure that you want to eat

Gel lacquers, spray lacquers, water-washable nail polishes - the manicure industry is now at its peak. But that's not all, hold your breath, the manufacturers have prepared something delicious for you - edible nail polish!

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We all know cases from childhood when a mixture of hot peppers was applied to those who wanted to feast on their own nails in order to permanently discourage this desire. Two business partners, and part-time parents, decided to create a nail polish that is the exact opposite of this method. Now you can buy edible nail polish that will justify your bad nail biting habit.

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Delicious pioneers Josh Krute and Audrey Amara decided that since their young children are always trying to eat something unsuitable for food, such as nail polish, for example, they should create a line of products that would retain their coating functions. but still be safe and non-toxic.

My daughter loves to do everything herself, so when she saw me paint her nails, she wanted to do the same. But when I saw the composition of the varnish, even for children, I decided that I couldn’t take such risks.

It took months of experimentation in the kitchen to get the right formula, but the Amaras finally created a product called "Kid licks" that they can safely leave their curious kids alone with. lak dlya detey, syedobniy lak, vkusniy lak, lak so vkusom

Unlike conventional nail polish, Kid Licks does not contain any toxic ingredients such as acetone, formaldehyde, and toluene. The polishes are also free of artificial pigments and acrylic polymers, common ingredients in other nail polishes.

syedobniy lak, lak dlya detey, lak dla nodtey so vkusom

Surprisingly, the varnishes of this line are made exclusively from organic fruits, vegetables and plants. The founders of the brand claim that it is so safe that it is suitable even for babies. This nail polish contains no preservatives and should be kept refrigerated after opening. Since these varnishes are, in fact, food, their shelf life is only three months . But the creators say that this is not a problem. Because it is so good that it will be used before the expiration date comes to an end!

As for me, Kid Licks isn't just edible, organic nail polish, it's a way of life, says Amara. I hope our product inspires people to take an interest in what's in the products they use every day.

Kids lick looks like regular polish and dries in five minutes. It lays down with a matte finish and has beautiful, natural colors. Because this nail polish is water based, there is no need to use nail polish remover. It can be washed off with soap and water, making it easy to use for young children. Even cooler, you can "eat" it from your nails. (And at this stage, all attempts to wean a person from biting their nails go down the drain, because now it is also tasty!) Of course, like every remedy, edible varnish has its opponents:

This world is getting crazier every day. I wonder what will happen next! While 'edible polish' sounds hilarious, I think it's just plain ugly and unhealthy to lick your fingers," says nail art expert Nila Bapaya.

Nevertheless, inspired by the success of the Amar spouses, Chinese craftsmen created a lacquer for the KFC fast food chain with an emphasis on adult relevance - with the taste of fried chicken . It seems to me that we should still expect something like nail polish "for beer", men would appreciate it :)

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Women's preferences have not been forgotten either, and now, thanks to a new fragrant varnish, you can enjoy the taste of Prosecco without a subsequent hangover. Yes, you read that right, this is a legal product that tastes and smells just like a real sparkling alcoholic drink.

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The lacquer was created by British discount site Groupon for Mother's Day to offer Prosecco lovers a glossy, bubbly, calorie-free finish.

I must admit that the idea of edible nail polish is really interesting, but as for me, a bit impractical, because eating with your nails is still a bad habit and a sign of bad taste, besides, regular external damage can negatively affect the health of your nails. . A beautiful manicure is an adornment of any girl, and for food you can choose something more interesting :)