Distichiasis - an additional row of natural eyelashes

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor attracted the admiring glances of men and the envious glances of women with just one wave of her amazingly luxurious eyelashes. However, not everyone knows even now that such beauty was not the result of numerous layers of mascara

or procedures for building up or laminating (which, by the way, they didn’t know about then).

Elizabeth Taylor eyelashes

The cause of the star's voluminous eyelashes was the mutated FOXC2 gene, a disorder that modern medicine calls distichiasis. So what should be considered this rarest disease - a punishment from God or a heavenly reward?

Genetic disorder

The answer to this question is very ambiguous. On the one hand, you can avoid the need to use kilograms of carcass, on the other hand, in some cases distichiasis may require surgical intervention. Erroneous transcription of the sixteenth chromosome can cause the growth of "extra" eyelashes in the area where they will cause severe irritation. In especially dangerous cases, surgery will be the only way to avoid visual impairment. The reason is that sometimes eyelashes grow right into the eye. dvojnoj rjad resnic, ob#emnye resnicy, resnicy Jelizabet Tejlor, distihiaz, ob#emnye resnicy

Therapeutic procedures

If the negative effects of distichiasis were noticed and the doctor confirmed the need for surgery, a preliminary therapeutic course will be required. Treatment consists of eye drops and antibiotics. Its main goal is to prepare the eyes for surgery and protect their cornea from the penetration of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. After the preparatory stage, direct treatment begins, the first option of which is the operation.


Before the operation, the patient's eyelids are frozen using special formulations. This is done in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings that arise during the intervention. Next, the surgeon proceeds to remove the affected part of the mucosa. If the mere mention of the operation is terrifying, you can try to agree with the doctor on the possibility of using a more gentle method - laser hair removal. dvojnoj rjad resnic, ob#emnye resnicy, resnicy Jelizabet Tejlor, distihiaz, ob#emnye resnicy

Laser epilation

Even the name of this procedure sounds less intimidating than surgery. As for pain, it happens in different ways. Some patients experience only mild tingling, while others report severe discomfort. So, it is worth considering and discussing the possibility of pain relief with your doctor in advance. This is especially important for people who are hypersensitive. But, in any case, both with painkillers and without them, we can talk about the high efficiency of this method of removing an extra second row of eyelashes.


Here you will have to act at your own peril and risk, because not a single cosmetologist, and even more so a doctor, will advise you to perform such a dangerous procedure at home. The risk is too high that you can harm yourself even more by damaging the mucous membrane or cornea, or, even worse, by infecting the eye. Unlike a specialist, you do not have relevant experience with such delicate areas of the mucosa. dvojnoj rjad resnic, ob#emnye resnicy, resnicy Jelizabet Tejlor, distihiaz, ob#emnye resnicy

Yes, and such independent attempts to get rid of an extra row of eyelashes cannot be called real treatment either. This is just a temporary removal that will have to be repeated regularly as new lashes grow.

So, it is unlikely that a double row of eyelashes can be called a gift of fate. True, in some cases, it still happens that the arrangement of a double row of eyelashes does not injure the eyes at all, and its happy owner will conquer the views of others with her chic look of a femme fatale. Or maybe we are talking about you or someone close to you? If in your life you had to meet with distichiasis, share your impressions with us.