Depilation with phytoresin

Among the many methods of depilation, the removal of excess vegetation with the help of phyto-resin has recently gained particular popularity. What is it and what features must be considered when using it.

fitosmola, fitosmola dlja depiljacii, depiljacija fitosmoloj, biojepiljacija What is included

This natural remedy contains:

  • Resin (resin) of pine;
  • Honey;
  • Extract from walnuts.

In some cases, honey in the recipe can be replaced with molasses or caramel.

fitosmola, fitosmola dlja depiljacii, depiljacija fitosmoloj, biojepiljacija Features of the tool

Women whose skin is delicate and sensitive prefer to use phytoresin to remove excess vegetation on the body. This is facilitated by the main feature of this tool - a gentle effect on the skin, given the delicate skin of the bikini area. Therefore, phytoresin depilation is often used in the following places:

Effect of use

This method is one of the methods of bioepilation. The naturalness of the method and its effectiveness have already allowed it to become appreciated by numerous visitors of both our and foreign cosmetology salons. Such popularity is facilitated by a number of other advantages of this magical remedy. These include:

  • Guaranteed smooth skin with a special, silky texture;
  • Renewal of the epidermis layer by removing its dead cells;
  • Saturation of the surface layer of the skin with nutrients;
  • Guaranteed 100% removal of excess vegetation;
  • Gentle effect on the skin.

fitosmola, fitosmola dlja depiljacii, depiljacija fitosmoloj, biojepiljacija Many women also note that the regular use of phytoresin as a depilator significantly slows down hair growth, and those hair that still remain grow much weaker and thinner.

Differences from sugaring and wax

Despite some similarity of depilation using phytoresin with a wax procedure or shugaring, differences remain between them, and quite significant ones. We are talking about:

  • Comfort and painlessness of the procedure;
  • No need to preheat the mixture;
  • Gentle effect on delicate and sensitive skin; fitosmola, fitosmola dlja depiljacii, depiljacija fitosmoloj, biojepiljacija
  • Possibility of reusing one portion of phyto-resin;
  • The procedure is possible with the help of applications, which, accordingly, excludes the breaking of individual hairs;
  • Providing a much longer effect;
  • Absence of subsequent negative skin reactions - irritations and allergies;
  • Complete exclusion of the appearance of burns, abrasions and other injuries of the skin;
  • Minimal risk of ingrown hairs later;
  • Easy removal of resin residues after the procedure - you can remove the excess with plain water.

fitosmola, fitosmola dlja depiljacii, depiljacija fitosmoloj, biojepiljacija If we add to all of the above that performing epilation with phyto-resin at home does not present any difficulty at all, the procedure for removing excess hair in this way becomes completely indispensable. The only thing that must be taken into account when performing it is the observance of a certain level of humidity and temperature in the room where it is performed. This is directly related to the high risk that, at high temperature and humidity, the phyto-resin may lose its elasticity.

So, summing up the above, we can safely say that the use of phytoresin as a means for depilation is an ideal option even at home. If you have not tried it on yourself yet, go ahead and be sure to share your impressions with us in the comments.