Decorating the intimate area

The decoration of the bikini zone is developing so dramatically and rapidly that now, choosing a hairstyle from the catalog, you can safely choose for yourself both an ordinary and an evening option.

depiljacija intimnoj zony, intimnaja pricheska, pricheska na zone bikini, okrashivanie volos na lobke Ordinary options for intimate hairstyles are distinguished by a clear and recognizable pattern, persistent coloring and a minimum number of decor elements. Doing a daily hairstyle, you can count on the fact that it will last at least two to three weeks. Such hairstyles have long been considered quite familiar.

This, unfortunately, cannot be said about evening hairstyles. Their lifetime is very short, from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Their main attributes are considered to be creative and bright design, it is possible to have additional decor and the use of body art, and wajazzling remains popular. depiljacija intimnoj zony, intimnaja pricheska, pricheska na zone bikini, okrashivanie volos na lobke

But, before you start creating a masterpiece in the bikini area, you need to go through the preliminary stages.

Stage one - cut and lighten

If the pubic hair is too long, it should be trimmed to a centimeter length. Otherwise, too long “curls” will not allow the hairstyle to keep its shape. If the hairstyle includes the need for coloring, the hair must be further lightened.

At the same time, they lighten them only where it is planned to apply the drawing. Lightening hair in the intimate area requires strict adherence to safety precautions, since the composition can easily cause irritation and burns on the delicate mucous membrane of the bikini area. Masters in most cases use gauze napkins or talc for this. depiljacija intimnoj zony, intimnaja pricheska, pricheska na zone bikini, okrashivanie volos na lobke


Drawing on the bikini area is applied either with an alcohol felt-tip pen or with a gel pen. Some craftsmen apply the drawing by hand, some use ready-made plastic stencils. They are reusable and after they are used they are washed and soaked in a disinfectant solution.

Bikini waxing

In most cases , phytoresin is used to depilate the edges of a bikini. This can be a composition for handmade or phyto-resin in special cassettes. True, it is more convenient to process small and difficult corners for processing with it. In order to achieve perfect smoothness, the composition is applied several times.

Drawing outlines

In order to form a clear pattern, it must be applied to a previously made contour. High accuracy of work involves the use of microscopic pieces of phyto-resin. If the master sees the need to make the lines of the drawing clearer, he may recommend making an additional corrective haircut. depiljacija intimnoj zony, intimnaja pricheska, pricheska na zone bikini, okrashivanie volos na lobke

Hair coloring

Paint, which is used for the intimate area, differs from those compounds that dye the hair on the head. In the pubic area, their use is strictly prohibited, since the aggressive chemical components in their composition, when in contact with the delicate mucous membrane, can cause severe irritation.

Therefore, bikini designers select special resistant paints made on the basis of natural ingredients. Before proceeding with staining, the specialist removes all phytoresin residues with a damp cloth and only after that applies the coloring composition with a special brush, leaving it for the time specified in the instructions. After the required time period has elapsed, the paint is removed with wet cotton pads. intimate vegetation

Final treatment of the bikini area

It is not surprising that delicate and sensitive skin that has undergone staining and depilation needs additional care. First of all, we are talking about anti-inflammatory compounds - hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexadine bigluconate.

Also well proven products, which include tea tree oil, menthol or antiseptics of plant origin. After the skin is treated, an agent is applied to it that slows down subsequent hair growth.

Decorating an intimate hairstyle

The issue of decorating hairstyles in the intimate area primarily depends on the purpose for which it is performed. If you have a romantic date, and you want to surprise your partner, heavy artillery is used - rhinestones, sparkles and even feathers. As the saying goes, in war all means are good.

So, using your own imagination and the skill of a professional hairdresser in the bikini area, you can create a real masterpiece. Do you like this idea, or do you prefer more complex drawings using bio-tattoo, or maybe intimate wigs? Share with us in the comments.