Cosmetology services at home - salvation for young mothers

Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs. This is 24/7 work without holidays and weekends. Fatigue, lack of sleep, nerves, dissatisfaction with one's appearance - these and other negative phenomena become a powerful weapon that can kill true femininity once and for all.

But do not give up the pleasure of looking and feeling better, even if only your child sees you during the day. Let's talk today about the magical effect of cosmetology services at home. After all, even an elementary manicure can do wonders for your self-confidence. kosmetologiya na domy, uhod dlya molodih mam

Initially, a young mother feels tired from sleepless nights, then from caring for a baby, then from monotony and boredom, then from misunderstanding of loved ones, and so on, without days off and holidays. Life is undergoing dramatic changes, and even when a young mother knows all the secrets of home self-care, there simply isn’t always enough time, energy or inspiration to finally take care of herself! After all, so often girls "score" themselves because of elementary fatigue. These are the realities of your current life, when more than two minutes spent in the shower seem to be the main achievement of beauty. molodaya mama, ustalost molodoy mami, kosmetologiya doma, postlerodovaya depressiya

Thank God that in the modern developed world, calling a master at home is no longer the prerogative of superstars only and you no longer need to book a trip to the salon in advance, think about who to leave the child with, and rush headlong, counting every second allotted to you for self-care. Now it's enough just to call the right number, and set aside some time in between the phases of your child's hyperactivity. Everything else is the care of the master . manicur na domu, manicur s viezdom na dom

One of my clients said that she feels selfish about taking the time to take extra care of herself, because all her relatives tell her that only the child should be the priority right now. I'll never agree with this statement, because self-care is an important basis for caring for others .

In addition to looking better, you will feel better, and this magical effect will surely have a positive effect on your child and husband.

Courageously stand up for your right to time for yourself. An important point is a change of scenery ! Even if now your life is in full swing within the apartment - the arrived beauty master with a myriad of multi-colored jars-bottles will surely brighten up your routine and dilute the familiar atmosphere.

manicur s viezdom na dom, master manicura, kosmetologiya na domu

Remember one important thing - now not only your husband admires you, but also your child. Just because you can't spend all day preening doesn't mean you have to deny yourself little beauty treats. I won’t be mistaken if I say that hands are a sore spot for every housewife mom. We do everything by hand. Moreover, while caring for a small child, the use of rubber gloves is excluded, which can be worn while solving other household issues, such as cleaning or washing dishes. Therefore, beauty on the hands and nails is especially difficult to maintain.

I am sure that 90% of young mothers mentally erected a monument to the creators of gel polish, because such a coating is a real salvation for our hardworking pens.

A little advice from me: moms, do without extremes and fanaticism in the pursuit of beauty. Give preference to short rounded nails. A long, sharp claw-like manicure is not the best option for someone who is about to change a diaper, not to mention all those buttons and buttons on a baby's clothes! stiletto, ostrie nails, manicur

There are a number of difficulties in working with young mothers, because a small child is not a robot, and it is difficult to predict 100% the time frame when a mother can be free, especially if there is no one to look after the child except the mother. Therefore, there were cases in my practice when a girl held a child in one hand, while I was covering on the other. Recently, more and more often I come to the collective calls of mothers, and while I bring beauty to one girl, the second one looks after the children, and then they change places.

kosmetologiya dlya molodih mam

Also, I am absolutely not surprised when my mommy clients doze off during a manicure, or sleep very sweetly during the eyelash lamination procedure. :)

By the way, our American and British colleagues have long been one step ahead in the provision of cosmetic services at home. A couple of years ago, the first mobile application was released in the USA, in which, in real time, you can order the service of a master's home visit as soon as possible. You just need to enter the data about the desired time and place, and the program will automatically give you a list of free masters according to the specified parameters. Now other countries are adopting this experience, perhaps soon such a fate will befall us too, and planning our meetings with you will become even easier. prilozhenie dlya vizova mastera na dom, priv

Summing up all of the above, I want to remind you once again that no matter how hard the fate of a young mother is, one should not forget about the little female joys. After all, a happy beautiful mother = a happy family. :) mama's rebenkom, sovety mamam, molodaya mama