Coconut oil for hands, nails and more

Coconut oil, due to its moisturizing and firming abilities, enjoys great prestige among beauty professionals.

Due to its wide spectrum of action, this tool can become simply an indispensable ingredient in many ways in your daily care. Today I will tell you about the wonderful properties and areas of application of this beauty assistant. kokosovoe maslo dlya ruk, kokosoe maslo dlya nogtey, kokosovoe maslo dlya uhoda, kokosovoe maslo

What is so wonderful about it?

Coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It has been used as a hair oil for thousands of years, and despite the abundance of modern personal care products, it still shows remarkable results. In addition to its hair benefits, coconut oil is recommended for use on the skin, and especially on the face and hands, for several reasons: Coconut oil is famous for its very high content of saturated fats , which are composed primarily of triglycerides, or medium chain fatty acids. This means that once it is absorbed into the skin, it will feel smooth to the touch for a long period of time. This fat content helps retain the natural oil's moisturizing properties, so the skin will also retain moisture after the oil. kokosovoe maslo, kokosovoe maslo dlya ruk, kokosovoe maslo dlya volos, kokosovoe maslo dlya kozhi This oil also contains three types of acids: lauric, capric and caprylic . While these acids have its own realms of benefits, due to their combination, coconut oil has its own antimicrobial properties. This is why coconut oil can also be used to prevent infections, when applied to the skin. Have you ever wondered why coconut oil is highly regarded for its anti-aging properties? This is because it also contains vitamin E - an important element for skin health, improving skin tone and preventing wrinkles. Finally, coconut oil, like coconuts, is high in protein, which helps keep skin, nails, and hair strong, internally and externally. Such a protein restores damaged cells and ensures the normal rate of tissue development.

How can it be used?

I want to tell you detailly about the benefits of coconut oil specifically for nail care . If you suffer from brittle nails , this is a wonderful home remedy. Rubbing coconut oil on your cuticles and nails on a regular basis will hydrate and strengthen it, and allow your nails to grow longer than it ever was. For extra nail growth , massage coconut oil into nail beds and fingers in a circular motion (organic extra-virgin oil is best for this).

Another effective method is known as "soaking", which I personally highly recommend for nourishing your nails. You need to take ¼ cup coconut oil, ¼ cup honey and 4 drops of rosemary oil. Mix these elements together and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds. After that, dip your nails into the mixture and hold for a quarter of an hour. You will feel positive changes after the first time, the skin around the nail will become soft and pleasant.

kokosovoe maslo dlya nogtey, kokosovoe maslo dlya ruk For cuticle care , coconut oil should be rubbed in and allowed to soak in for at least 30 minutes, but of course the longer - the better! This will help strengthen your cuticles, hydrate the skin around your nails, and help get rid of a number of problems. The oil helps prevent hangnails . If your nails are constantly exposed to water, you will have to deal with painful hangnails after a while. Bad manicure can also lead to hangnails . Open hangnails can provoke the growth of bacteria or fungus, faithful "friends" of the spread of infection. Coconut oil will help solve the problem promptly. Just take some coconut oil and apply it on your cuticles. This will strengthen the cuticle in the nail area and prevent hangnails. kokosovoe maslo dlya nogtey, kokosovoe maslo dlya ruk, manicure Also, coconut oil can be used in the fight against nail fungus , both on the hands and feet, as it is a natural antiseptic. Massage the oil on the thoroughly cleansed and dried affected area. Repeat twice a day until the fungus is gone. As you can see, coconut oil, despite its minimal composition, is an indisputable effective tool and an excellent assistant in matters of the beauty of your pens. But the scope of its use is not limited to hands and nails, it can also be used as: Hair masks . Apply oil to your hair after a shower and tie it into a bun. Wait five minutes and rinse off. You will notice that the hair has become much softer and more "alive". It's also great for dry ends.

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Body oils and lip balm . Coconut oil acts as a skin moisturizer and you can apply it directly to your body or lips. The perfect solution for winter dryness.

Coconut oil also helps with minor irritation that can occur after waxing.

As an eye cream , as a cheap alternative to expensive creams, because the oil perfectly moisturizes the skin. Coconut oil can be a good highlighter for the skin and also works great as a make-up remover . Body scrub . A mixture consisting of coconut oil and sea salt or sugar moisturizes the skin and exfoliates dead cells; and also acts as a shaving cream. Treatment of skin diseases . Coconut oil helps prevent skin aging, but it can also be used to treat various skin conditions. Due to its antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil can be applied topically to areas affected by psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. kokosovoe maslo dlya kozhi, kokosovoe maslo, kokosovoe maslo dlya uhoda Keep in mind that there are several types of coconut oil: organic natural, refined, extra virgin . If you are using coconut oil for your hair and skin, make sure you choose a high quality product. The best option would be extra virgin coconut oil, which is free of artificial fragrances and chemicals. It can be concluded that in its pure form, coconut oil has so many benefits. And, I hope, after reading my article, this organic assistant will definitely appear in your arsenal of beauty products.