Choice of nail shape

The shape of the nails and its length are some of the most noticeable aspects of your manicure. Square, circle, oval, almond... when it comes to choosing a nail design, girls most often do not think much and choose

the form that just seems right to them. However, just as the silhouette of a well-fitting dress will accentuate your figure, the right nail shape can really enhance the look of your hands and fingers. There are certain factors that a woman should consider when choosing the shape of her nail, and I will tell you about this today.

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Finding the right nail shape for you is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You just need to determine whether your fingers are long or short, and whether your nail plate is wide or narrow. First, let's deal with the basic forms of nails .

Square . Basically, it's a perfect square with no soft edges. Of course, with this shape you take a risk, because your hands may look unsightly, but this is a good option for those who don't like round shape, with short nails.

Square Oval/Soft Square . This shape is similar to a square, but the edges of such a nail will be much softer. It's a good compromise between square and oval and is easy to maintain on short nails.

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Circle . This shape is different in that it follows the shape of a finger and thus has round edges of the nail tips.

Oval . The oval shape is very similar to the almond shape, but the tip is softer and more blunt.

Almond . A pointed nail, narrowed at the end, but wide at the base. It is not difficult to guess that the shape of this nail got its name because of the similarity with an almond.


By the way, celebrities are very fond of choosing this particular form to bring a sense of glamour to their image. According to most of them, almond-shaped nails emphasize the style of wearing jewelry very favorably.

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In order to choose the right, individually suitable form , I advise my clients to pay attention to 4 main factors :

Length . Nobody wants short, chunky hands - most women want to elongate their fingers and make it looks more elegant. All this can be solved with the right proportions. If you already have long, thin fingers, then short, beautifully shaped nails will suit you the best. But if you have short or puffy fingers, then increasing the length of your nails will always be the first starting point.

Form . If you have a square nail plate, I advise you to choose a square, or square-oval shape. For owners of an oval nail plate, I would recommend choosing a round shape for manicure. Round nails also give the nails a more elongated appearance, and generally fit any original plate shape, while a square shape will always make the nails look shorter and wider.

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Style . Some of my clients are more focused on style and the latest nail-fashion trends, and tend to be less concerned about choosing the length and shape of the nails that suit them best. As I mentioned above, there was a period this year when the almond shape of nails, namely its fashionable variation “stiletto” , was the biggest trend.

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Shortened and rounded nails are gradually becoming more and more popular, as it's timeless classics and not just a fashion trend.

Lifestyle. Everything is very simple here. If you constantly use your hands in housework, actively play sports, or often type text on a computer or smartphone, then long nails are likely to be at risk of breaking off. To make your manicure last longer, it is quite logical to opt for short nails.

Manicure is first and foremost beauty fun, so I think it's okay to deviate from the norm, express yourself and experiment. After all, nails grow very quickly and you can change the style and shape of your nails every week!