Calling a manicure master at home: expensive or not?

Beautiful, well-groomed hands are the hallmark of any woman, and an elegant, neat manicure allows you to focus on this beautiful part of the female body, emphasizing its tenderness and quivering.

Unfortunately, due to the frantic pace of modern life, constant employment, and due to lack of funds sometimes, beautiful ladies save on themselves and do not pay attention to their appearance and, in particular, the attractive appearance of their nails.


Today, we are in a hurry to dispel the myth that a beautiful manicure takes a lot of time and money: in this article I will try to talk about the formation of the pricing policy of our salon and why visiting the master's house helps to save time and money.

So, why is the home visit service becoming more and more popular and how does it help save time?

First of all, the service of a master's home visit was appreciated by women who cannot afford the luxury of wasting precious time, sitting in long lines at a beauty salon or for some reason cannot (or do not want to) leave the house. These are elderly women, young mothers on maternity leave, women leading an active, business lifestyle. Agree, it is much more convenient to choose a time and receive the master in a familiar, comfortable environment than to get to the salon yourself and wait for the master to be free. Of course, you can sign up for the procedure in advance, but no one will guarantee that the work will not be delayed and you, again, will lose the necessary minutes, or even hours. On the other hand, calling a manicurist to your house, while waiting for him, you can do household chores, and pay attention to yourself and your loved ones in the vacated window.

The price of a manicure at home in the company "Pilochka"


Calling a master at home: expensive or not?

When it comes to calling a manicurist at home, many women are confused by the question of the price for this type of service. Many people think that such a procedure will be extremely expensive. In fact, the price is quite affordable and almost every woman can afford to make a beautiful manicure. When forming a pricing policy, we are guided by a number of factors that affect the cost of the service:

  • The cost of the work of the master;
  • Wear of materials used in the work;
  • Equipment depreciation;
  • Cost of travel to the client's home.

The combination of these factors helps to determine the price range and offer clients various service packages - from the minimum order to the full range of nail and body care procedures. But, on average, the price for such services is quite reasonable, and the high quality of work and the professionalism of the masters far exceed the mortgaged cost.

master nanosit lak na nogti

Delicate situations related to the cost of services.

Unfortunately, there are cases when clients do not pay attention to the factors associated with the formation of the price and try to reduce the already small cost of a manicure, giving arguments that, in their opinion, could reduce the price.

We have to gently explain why this is impossible. Many manage to be persuaded, but, alas, some of the clients are less loyal, thereby devaluing the work of the salon masters.

In addition, often, beautiful ladies misinterpret the terms of the promotions , bringing relatives and girlfriends to a free manicure. Such situations put in an awkward position, both the clients themselves and the masters. Therefore, I urge you to carefully read our promotional offers again in order to avoid possible incidents.

But, despite all the small misunderstandings that sometimes arise in the process, we love our work and are happy to make our clients even more beautiful and feminine, giving them a wonderful manicure and a great mood from professionals in their field!