Buying a router in China - my personal experience

Hello everyone! Today I have an unusual topic on my blog, a kind of experiment for the benefit of hardware manicure :) . I want to share with you my own experience, how I ordered a router in China, and what came of it.

freser, drell dlya manicura, apparatniy manicur

I want to note right away that I have been the owner of a professional manicure router for a long time and am very pleased with it. But then my friend suddenly wanted to become the owner of " such a bright cool set ", which she saw on one of the popular Chinese sites. A kind of adventurism woke up in me too, and I gladly agreed to help in ordering, and initially testing this miracle ( or monster ) of technology on a friend. We had to wait a bit, and now we are unpacking the treasured package. The device is available in various color schemes, but our feminine essence has worked towards pink .

vidy freserov

The package bundle is quite generous, and this is the first thing that confused me, because for such a price ( about $50 ) you don't expect to get much.


  1. typewriter
  2. Pen. It is here that we will insert the cutters for work, and in which the motor is located.
  3. Table stand. For those who are more comfortable between work to keep the pen in a horizontal position on the table.
  4. Cap-stand for the pen. It can cling to the left and right side of the typewriter, for those who are used to putting the handle in a vertical position.
  5. Foot pedal (It is not variable, and unfortunately it will not work to adjust the speed by pressing).
  6. Set of metal cutters

komplekt postavki frezera, freser, apparatniy manicur

What immediately caught my eye and liked it was that the machine itself has special recesses, and it will serve as a stand for cutters. Very convenient, in my opinion.

freser, apparatniy manicur

The machine is controlled from two sides, from the rear panel and from the front. On the back panel, you can adjust the fuse, switch the mode from foot to manual, and also completely turn off the machine. On the front panel there is a hole where we must connect the handle itself, in which the motor is located. Also on the front panel we see a reverse switch button, a device on/off button with an indicator, and a wheel for adjusting the number of revolutions of the cutter on the handle.

freser, manicur, apparatniy manicur, drell dlya manicura

How does it work:

The maximum speed of revolutions of this device reaches 30,000 revolutions per minute, this is a very good indicator. But the output power of the machine is only 12 watts, this is not very much for a manicure device, so this machine is absolutely not suitable for a large flow of customers. It is also worth noting that due to its power, this machine is not particularly suitable for a pedicure. But for a manicure, in principle, it will be enough.

The first thing you pay attention to at the beginning of work is the specific smell of heated plastic. To be honest, I even began to be afraid of a defective manicure machine that fell into my hands. But the smell disappears after a couple of minutes and you understand that this "aromatherapy" is probably conceived by the manufacturer. At the same time, the instructions indicate that the tool is designed with an automatic overload fuse in order to protect the motor from overheating.

Well, as the saying goes: "they also write on the fences" :) It is worth noting, however, that this does not affect the quality of work and, despite the smell, the manicure cutters do not burn in your hands :) Also, the manufacturer kindly informs us in the instructions that if overheating does occur, simply unplug the appliance and let it cool down for about 30 minutes before using it again. I doubt that any users will be very happy to wait at least half an hour before moving on to the next nail. But let's still hope that these are rare cases.

drell dlya manicura, apparatniy manicur, freser

Despite all the shortcomings that I noticed for myself, I can not give this device a categorically negative review . I believe that this device can be a great helper, for example, on a long trip, when there is no way to run around the salons, but you want to gesticulate with well-groomed hands :) Or for those who systematically have very dry hand skin and side bolsters require more frequent treatment than once per month when visiting a manicurist. And of course, the price captivates, it is an order of magnitude lower.

I know that some young manicurists, who are not yet quite sure whether they will remain in the profession, take such machines until they reach a higher level of their professionalism.

Of course, my opinion is subjective and is based only on my many years of experience :) I think that this device can be given a chance, but only as an amateur home instrument. It will not suit professionals, there is not enough power, and at least for the reason that, most likely, there will be a strong feeling of "toy" and fake, due to the bright appearance of the instrument and its lightness.